• Sushi night with Adi and Emi
  • What's malört?
  • Just upped our homebrew game. Thanks, Craigslist. 5 comments
  • My buddy, Kevin IM'd me that it was MOTHER FUCKING PENCIL TIME, and then told me to check the mai... 3 comments
  • Kari gettin sleeved up 1 comment
  • I have never had a bad time hanging with this dude. 1 comment
  • Hangin at Red n Rik's
  • Got this thing burnin hot today
  • Hot
  • This is how Kari and I have been "making dinner" lately
  • Pottin some plants at Art Terrarium
  • I've been wanting a 1010 portal print for a long time. I finally got a chance to order one from a...
  • Dinner at The Seafood Trap with Vicki and Matt. Fun + tasty! 1 comment
  • Bout to watch this dude cover Prince
  • The Prince experience
  • The Prince experience
  • Added some more can lights... 1 comment
  • Home cookin
  • Salmon night
  • Should've waited for the gray one to come out... So sexy. 2 comments
  • Winter cruisin with Garth 1 comment
  • Not winning. Still awesome. 2 comments
  • Kari gave me these toeless socks. They are very handy. 3 comments

A random collection of photos that I take with mobile devices as I'm out.

Photos taken from January, 2005 to January, 2018 in United States

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