Bloody Sheds and Cars posted

Oh man, this weekend was pretty awesome for getting things done. My car has been running like hell lately, it's been really annoying. But Saturday I met this dude named TJ, who is 21 and has already owned 7 eclipses, helped me fix my car. He knows his stuff. His car is insane, he's getting under 12 second runs in his 92 eclipse. Anyway, we fixed my car... for the time being.

I also built walls for my shed. I knew I'd get my finger with the hammer at least once during the process, and I did. I've done it a few times in my life, but never like this. I hit it so hard blood shot out the tip of it, haha. It ruled. Anyway, tonight I'm going to put the walls up. You should see my garage, 1 half is filled with lumber, the other half is filled with walls, haha. Kari and I are parking in the street.

We talked about what our garage will be like in our next house. I'm pretty sure it's going to be awesome, and better than all yours'. It'll be a 6 stall garage containing our favorite cars: 1963 Chevy Nova, 1967 Mustang GT, a 2nd gen Eclipse GSX, an Evo VIII (or X, depending on how cool they are), a huge truck, and kari thinks she needs an Escalade or Navigator... so yeah... my salary... taking over the world... price of each car... carry the 2. It might happen.

Other than that the weekend was ok, not having plans rules. We went to Sage on Saturday night, awesome place. Then we checked out the new science center and IMAX on Sunday with Nick and Nicole. Sweet.

In other news, spyware is killing me. It has killed 3 of the 4 computers I use within the past couple months. I don't get it. I've never had virus protection on any of my computers, and I've always been fine. I seriously told people, "whatever, if you know what you're doing, you don't need virus protection." Now I get hammered. And blood shoots out of my computer. Stupid computers.

MSI is Tuesday! Mt Vernon is Friday! Chicago is the rest of the weekend!
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  • trying to convince my boss into letting me come up to Des Moines tonite for the show. I will give you a call when I find out for sure.

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  • awesome.

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