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Blogs rule... sometimes they rule in weird ways. And blogs that link to blogs that link to other blogs rule even more. It's pretty funny how small the world gets sometimes. Check out this AIM conversation between Harper and Megan (who I met in Chicago on NYE)

(22:24:04) Megan Westerkamp: So the other day I was in the the car with my sister. we saw these 2 kids go by and she says "look they have soap shoes!" I looked at her and said "what? How do you know about soap shoes?" She laughed and said she reads this kid Derek Brooks's Blog. I just cracked up. She said "it's kinda sad I'm obbessed with it" She knows more about him than I do. She know's that he is ingaged and thinks Kari is so cute and even knows their dogs name and the cars he drives. It was so funny. I told her I met them when I was out there last time. she couldn't believe it. HAHA!
(22:24:24) NaTa2 Home: omg
(22:24:25) NaTa2 Home: wtf

Apparently she got to my blog through the NaTa2 blog list site... Anyway, this came up at a weird time because I've been thinking a lot about how small the world is (Or is it how big I am? haha. I'm blowin up!) No for real, check these out:

One time when I was at Western Illinois University visiting Zach, I met this dude named Dan that rapped. We hung out, he spit some rhymes, etc. Then, a few months later I was at this house party in Chicago with Harper and Juliet. We were playing cards or whatever and I heard a dude rapping in the corner. I turned around and there was Dan, showing his friend his new rap. I had just met him a few months earlier, 250 miles away.

This isn't quite as cool, but one time on my way to work in the Quad Cities I passed the ICP Jeckel Brothers Tour buses on the interstate. I was only a few feet away from them, right near my hosue... Then a couple years later, I was on the street that Violent J grew up on in Detroit.

I also met Chris Holmes in Chicago through Harper. I went to a few parties that he was at, etc. Then one time, Kari and I were in L.A. and I saw him and the Virgin Tears at Beauty Bar. 2000 miles away - Insane.

I mean you always run into friends sitting just 2 rows in front of you at a baseball game hours away or into old friends at random bars, etc. Or when you run into old friends that are hanging out with your current friends.

Nathan and I met this dude named Adam at Mickey's in Des Moines. We went up to Minneapolis for a Heelys demo... there he was, walking through the mall.

I went to college with a guy named Tony Thompson. His sister, Renee, just got a job with me.

When my family went to Puerto Vallarta we went to this resort called Viva Vallarta. We met this guy that worked there named Victor - awesome guy; we hung out with him all week. A couple years later my parents went to another resort (in Cancun I believe). Victor worked there. He remembered their names and asked how my sister and I were doing. wtf.

I met a guy named Orion from the band, Slow Coming Day at Cornerstone Festival a couple years ago. Then I met Cullen Wurzer at a skatepark in Des Moines, who is now on the Soap team... He turned out to be Orion's step brother.

I love this stuff. It rules so much. ummmm... Thanks Whitney... That was fun.


  • i have two stories like that...the first was when we got a new intern here, who turned out to be Keith, a guy I used to work with at the Pizza Shop in Altoona and grew up with in also turned out he roomed with cedric and mh in college...also, there was that time we went to that lost cause show at jazzy willy's, and the rapper angle turned out to be a guy I sat by in Advanced Math in high school...small world

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  • i dont really know if this is a small world story or not, but it's kinda cool...

    my freshman year at cornell jason reiter and i were grinding this handrail when i saw a tour of prospective students walking by. one kid, who was obviously there with his girlfriend, was wearing a pair of soaps. he was checking us out, you could tell he wanted to soap. so i asked him if he could hit the rail, he nodded, left his girlfriend for the rest of the tour and soaped with us. that kid (zach larson) is now one of my best friends and is on the soap team with me.

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  • One night back in my care-free drug induced college days, a friend of mine and I went to some local ultimate fights. The tickets put us at the same table with two guys we didn't know. We get to talking about how fucked up we are, on whatever we were fucked up on. Using fake ID's, we buy them beer, get all drunk, and at the end of the fights, the one guy hands me his business card. He's a state cop. We all have a good laugh, we tell him we are headed to this girl's house to get laid, and we cruise there. I am in the middle of telling the story about the cop at the fights, when the girl asks what the cop's name was. Turns out, that's her brother in law. Now, I am nowhere near the celebrity status of a Derek Brooks, but c'mon, who is?

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  • When I visited Cornell, I sat in on a Comp.Sci. class... it was me and another girl visiting at the same time. A year later, I'm dating a girl named Lindsey, and we realize that we sat in on the same class.

    Also, I was in an education class, and a prospective student comes in and she sits in with my group during the class. A year later, I'm dating Stacy... same girl that sat in on my class.

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  • dude, if i were you i would go to mary kate or ashley olsen's class and sit in on it.

    your odds of hooking up are insane.

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  • haha true.

    new york, here i come.

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  • HA! oh my, oh my. I must say that I never thought I would be the title to one of your blogs-- I totally froze when I saw my name in the title! Megan made me sound quite stalker-esk... I promise its not that "obsessive"-- however, that was quite the funny/odd car conversation... I really can't do anything but laugh right now... :)

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  • hehe, it rules. i was wondering if you would comment.

    funny funny.

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