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I got a new intake pipe from ebay yesterday. tells you that it's the first step you should take (along with a conical air filter) when modding your car. However, I'm finding out that most intake pipes don't really do anything for a turbo 2g DSM. The Injen intake (which is very similar to the intake I got) is dyno proven to not increase horsepower. The only thing that it does is look cool and make the turbo/BOV sound cooler.

There were also a lot of things wrong with this product from importblowoutsales. First I noticed that the inside is very very rough, but I guess this makes no difference. Even the Injen intakes look this way. Then I noticed that this might not seal very well. Also, only 1 of the hose clamps fits over the larger end... even though I need 2. The hose that connects the bottom of the intake to the turbo is also much too large. Stupid ebay. I'll need to go out and buy new hose and clamps just to get this to fit. Even though importblowoutsales claims that this "FITS ONTO ALL ECLIPSE 1995 - 1999 TURBO GST / GSX TURBO MODELS", "EASY TO INSTALL!", and "CNC Machined SOLID Aluminum. Guaranteed to produce up to 5-7 Horse Power!"
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  • Stupid importblowoutsales. I'd give them an F------ grade instead of the normal A++++.

    minnis posted

  • F--- terrible seller. would not buy again.

    derek posted

  • i doubt you will gain any HP from it man

    get that exhaust

    Marc posted

  • hahaha

    derek's hose is too big for his intake.... hahahhaaha

    kevi doobie posted

  • kevi, i gotta be honest...

    i am flat out sick of you making fun of my hose and/or intake.

    derek posted

  • it was a compliment... to your hose...

    your intake is just lacking in size, which is a good sign that you're not... you know... gay

    kevi posted

  • Derek R Brooks: wahoo!

    Derek R Brooks: i am in the closet!

    Not Kevi posted

  • The inside of your pipe looks good, I thought it was going to be worse.

    r00 posted