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I guess I should start with the first time I started Soaping. I was at my buddy, Hugh Hermes' New Years Eve party my Jr year of High School. He had some Soaps and a practice rail so I decided to give it a shot. I fell really hard but loved the feeling of grinding.

Anyway, about 2 years later in October of 1999 I wanted more soap stuff, mainly new grindplates. I didn't have a credit card at the time so I sent an email to Soap asking for a catalog. This way I could order some products by writing a check. They didn't get back to me for a few weeks so I sent them another email, and then another, and another. Then I gave up.

In February, I got a call on my cell phone from the CEO of the company, Chris Morris. I was super geeked when he called. "the CEO of Soap!?" So he apologized and said that my name had fallen to the bottom of this list, blah blah. Then he asked me what all I wanted to order. A week later I got my grindplates, a hat, a bunch of wax, and other swag in the mail for free. When I called him back to thank him we talked for a while. I showed him my Soap website and offered to do some web design for them. He denied me but offered me a job doing demos. A couple weeks later I recieved 15 pairs of shoes and a practice rail.

From then on I did a lot more demos, started testing shoes before they hit the market, and became captain of the Soap team. I even got 5 other people on the team and redesigned a shoe.

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  • Niceeee

    i was in the 6th grade when i got my first pair of soapshoes but the latest ive gotten was T-bones and im looking all over the net to see if Soap are coming out with shoes but when i try to buy some from any website they dont have my size :/ so that sucks..,but hope things stay good for you.

    Karcsi posted

  • werrrrrrrd. man, i cant find anyyyy soap shoes in canada :( its wierd cause so many people know about them but no one can get them. over to the states i come.

    Fosscore posted

  • Cool you put up the st louis demo i saw that on mtbz but yeah cool vid... DO A DEMO IN NEW JERSEY!!!


    karcsi posted

  • Lucky you!!!!!! I need a pair of soap shoes but there is no store in my city that sells them.I might have to do the same thing you did because I don't have a credit card yet.

    Ivy posted

  • Nothing

    hottsoaper posted

  • one question...Does soap shoes come with the wax,screws,and the grind plates? Because I don't have enough money to buy all that.

    hottsoaper posted

  • I heard you had over forty pairs of soaps!! Can you give me a size 12? .........I'm just kidding,that was a joke!!! I wish I was on the soap team so I can get all those soap clothing and shoes.(haha) Do you know what store sells soap shoes in Jacksonville (soaps that are $70.00 or less.)?

    elementskater posted

  • I have a pair of brand new, never used, original soap shoes:

    Clean Graphite H97-C02

    U.S. Size 11

    $80 plus shipping

    Ben posted

  • does anyone know how to get a free catalog?

    hottsoaper posted

  • this is not a soap forum...

    derek posted

  • Oh my gosh! I can't believe that the famous "Derek Brooks" responded to me.

    hottsoaper posted

  • then you should have a soap forum :P I wanr a pair of those A-sides...I hope they will release them

    MaDSoAper posted

  • I need help grinding my soap shoes because whenever I get on the rail,I only grind a few inches and then I stop sliding.My soaps are fresh and new.My soaps are called the Express.My grindplates are cemented on but one side is bigger than the other so I can't grind flat on the grindplate. Please tell me if my soap shoes are messed up or something.

    Lucas posted

  • Hey bro...It's me Hugh...Hey I googled myself when I was bored at wook and I saw my name on you web site...I was just seeing how everything was going...Late

    Hugh Hermes posted

  • why the heck is grinding so hard?

    greg posted

  • Because you suck

    karcsi posted

  • okay karcsi, well I guess I better practice more

    greg posted

  • i was needing to know where i can go online and find a place that finds local skate shop dealers or a place to get a free catalog. i cant skate anymore because of a few runnins with the law that messed up my kneecap. its messed up in tree diff. directions. so i was gonna get me some soaps but cant find any.

    Chad posted

  • get it at roller warehouse. they give out free catalogs there too.

    greg posted

  • i can't grind on stairway is so hard. i can't jump up on it because it's too high. can anyone teach me how to grind on stairway rails?

    dan posted

  • lol..greg im kidding..bend your knees! and use your arms for balance..thats what I do and when you grind Handrails-Dan- Dont start at the top jump further out to land on the middle of the hand railing then go from there and jump higher..w.e if ud like to ask me ask on AIM it would be easier.. :karcsi89

    karcsi posted

  • hey karcsi, i have the same problem as dan. Is it okay if I ask you on AIM too to do this?...pretty please?

    ivy posted

  • Yeah sure man! its a little late on my responce im sure uve looked at this site back n forth yeah my AIM is

    Karcsi89 feel free to IM me about any soaping questions

    karcsi89 posted

  • why thank you!!!!

    ivy posted

  • np

    karcsi posted


    Zack posted

  • me 2!

    karcsi posted

  • don't they have ones that look like sonic's from SA2B because in that game his shoes are soap shoes?

    tyty210 posted

  • hey derek i have been working on grinding this long rail about 30 feet and i can now do a front flip off of it, wonderin who i send my footage to?

    anthony vanerp posted

  • hey I first found out about soap shoes from sonic adventure 2 and I was wondering if you can get the same shoes that sonic or shadow wear in the game?

    kishan posted

  • Well first of all Shadow is wearing rollerblades. But Sonic is supposedly wearing the Scorchers in that game. They don't make them anymore but if you can get your hands on a pair they are great great shoes. They're super light and have great grindplates for rails. Sometimes you can get them on clearance or on ebay.

    derek posted

  • I want some BADASS broadside soap!where can i order some?

    jack bean posted

  • shadow doesnt wear rollerblades! he wears air shoes!

    juje938 posted

  • tho u soap shoe people should make sonic and shadow model soap shoes

    (even if the arent soap shoes, shadow's would be kewl!)

    juje938 posted

  • I had scorchers they were freakin awesome. they don't quite look the same as sonics though, and to save you any let-down, grinding with shoes isn't quite as cool as it seems in the game.

    nafan posted

  • Definitley looking for a pair of broadsides...

    For those looking, you can buy a pair of soap shoes off a store on ebay. Look around for it.

    The store features higher, adult sizes too.

    Downside is the shoes are reduced to complete shit after a year of soaping and the plates are not removable.

    Bruno B posted

  • Where can i get size 12's cant find them ANYWHERE

    Ray posted

  • Im lookin for a pair of new size 11 soaps if anyone knows where to get'm IM me. thanks


    amont posted

  • yall should check out my other site that is 100% dedicated to soap shoes. there's a forum for all your questions there.

    derek posted

  • wer are some gd cheap soap shoes i jst carnt fine any HELP ME?

    LSR posted

  • i have looked all over the web and cant find one pair of soap grind shoes wiht a size 10 or 11 ....its ticking me off

    seth rakes posted

  • Seriously, someone needs to email me if they know where to get a pair of size 10 Scorchers, I need them before school starts again, thanks. lol

    Ukais posted

  • Okay I'm Dying over here!! I'm up at 4:00A.M. trying to find a way to grind like sonic and quinch my thirst for speed!!! Tell me, is there a place in West Virginia, or at least a place online where you can order by phone!! Please I need Help!!Anyone??!?!

    Sonic Fan posted

  • i have looked all over the web and cant find one pair of soap grind shoes wiht a size 10 or 11 ....its ticking me off

    hoboboxstealer posted

  • where can i get size 10 soap shoes it is makeing me crazy

    birdhouseboy94 posted


    corey posted

  • you can get new SOAP shoes, size 3-12 at

    trevor fayas posted

  • how to make your own soap shoes at home???????????????????????????

    eddie posted

  • i skateboard all the time and i got a sponsor......if u wanna feel like u suck a skating get soap shoes cause its a whole world different than skateboarding

    David posted

  • hey guys, my name is Brandon and i have an express grind plate, (size 6)im 10 yrs old and ummm, im pretty good at soaping, my friends SUCk, well...there all right lol,I have a pvc pipe i practice on and a skate board rail to grind on

    ItALiAnSoApEr posted

  • hello ive used them

    mario posted

  • wat website could i find scabs size five for a low amount of money?

    austin posted

  • ware can you get a pair of size 8 soaps in toledo ohio

    fred posted

  • i want to be dealer of soap shoes, if you can send me info thanx

    israel avila posted

  • Im about to get my grind on! As soon as I find some soaps in SZ 13 and the ones that look like Sonic's Soaps the most im gettin them! Shouldn't take long though. But if all else fails im just gona go to

    Mike2 Gremillion posted

  • I wonder if you could make the same soap shoes from Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, cuz it's be really cool to have the same shoes as Sonic & Shadow the Hedgehog. =D

    Shadow posted

  • Ye you can buy/make them just take awhile to make...

    Sonic posted

  • Is there any place not online where i could buy some soaps..

    emceeg posted

  • haha you losers dont listen at all do you? go to

    and besides that stop asking for scorchers an such its kinda stupid to spend lot of money on your first pair then you might not even like it.. jesus......

    Josh posted

  • and mostly no1 sells soaps now days if they got soaps they usually sell online so few shos left in shops but check skaterboard shops and shoes shops and such. >_>

    josh posted

  • heeleys makes a shoe with a grind plate and they make um in size 4 to 13 i have a pair they are (sic)6(sic)

    rock slipknot posted

  • I have a brand new pair of Clean Graphite Size 11 soaps for sale. If interested, email me at

    Ben posted

  • dude i am 10 but i still am your biggest fan.i liked your teck deck video.the way i got soaps is for christmas and i can only grind a normal grind but i learned from watching your cool demos.thanks.

    Brody posted

  • i love soaps but i can NEVER find any. anyone wanna help?

    Adam posted

  • so i found soap grind shoes but i dont know wat size i wear in them!

    any 1 wanna help?

    timothy posted

  • is it ok to grind on concrete w/ soaps? anyone?

    gino posted

  • depends on the model. expresses get torn up i find

    josh posted

  • Where can i find these shoes!!!

    Thomas B. posted

  • what??? cool story derek! u r so lucky and so talented. i really adore u

    Branitasandhini posted

  • can i get ur permission to start soild grind facebook

    robert posted

  • I Need soap grinders in a size men's 13

    Jordan Chambers ( posted

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