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When I was in High School I was on the golf team. I spent many of my meets golfing with my buddies Jeremy Ludin and Josh Gooch. We've got tons of stories, but there is one in particular that I will never forget.

Josh and I were golfing with 2 kids from another school in this tournament at Golfmohr. We got to #2 which is a par 4, dog leg left with a pond starting in front of the tee box and running along the entire left side. If you really hit your ball and cut the pond with a minor slice the green was possible to drive.

So Josh got up to hit, tried to cut the pond, but hit his ball right into the water. He took his penalty, teed up another and hit it directly into the pond again. He took his second penalty, teed up his 3rd and final ball in his bag, and duffed it right into the pond again. As you can imagine he was getting pretty annoyed. He asked us if we had a ball he could borrow. I was obviously going to give him one so I reached into my bag while dude from the other team pulled out a rulebook. He said, "No! if you give him a ball, you will both be disqualified!" At this point Josh was pretty mad and asked the kid if he was serious. The dweeb obviously was. So not quite thinking rationally, Gooch took off his socks and shoes, pulled his pants up and walked into the pond to get his last ball. Which was pretty hilarious for us, but it was also lame that dude from the other team was being such a douche.

Josh came back, put his socks/shoes back on, and teed up his ball. While he was doing this, the kid with the book found some rule that disqualified him for entering the pond. Josh (now irate) basically said "No, I am playing." He teed his ball back up, swung, but since his hands were wet, his CLUB went flying end over end right into the pond (along with his ball).

I am not even kidding, it was like the icing on the cake. At this time he pretty much knew he was done. He took his socks and shoes off again, went out and got his club, and then walked back to the clubhouse. This is one of the best things I've ever seen on a golf course.

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  • This is friggin awesome.

    Kervi posted

  • Oh man...good times. That crazy sob

    Jeremy posted

  • I got DQed there once before also, I picked up my ball and threw it at one of the guys from morrison that we were playing. Man I miss high school golf.

    dick posted

  • haha, that rules. i miss it as well.

    derek posted

  • i am gunna fucking punch that josh gooch

    Harper posted

  • I remember one time before a golf meet this one guy I knew with this kick ass red nova got hit by some stupid lady.

    Jeff posted

  • Actually that was on the way to golf with nate and joey for joe's bday.

    derek posted

  • happy late birthday derek!!!! dude, i heard it was on august 5th or something but at least I remembered!

    greg posted

  • I should of thrown the "square" with the rulebook into the pond!!!

    I never could hit over that damn pond!!

    Josh Gooch posted

  • Haha, sounds like me. I will get pist, I will not listen to anyone else, but in the end I make a fool of myself. I wish I were there!

    Dave posted

  • I know Josh Gooch

    Thomas Schlegel posted

  • Nothings changed! Except now it's the water hazard @ #7 @ Aldeen and the only one taking the penalty is Mr. Goochs' liver!... Well, one thing has changed.... There's still water involved....

    Paul Larson posted