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One day, during my senior year in high school or so, Jeff Wingert and I decided we'd take a drive into town in my Celica. I needed some gas so I stopped at the Amoco on Route 84 in Rapids City to fill up. After getting gas I pulled out to make my way to the interstate which is probably a mile away or so. I was just driving along and when I started to get into the left hand turning lane for the on-ramp, I see a cop with it's lights on behind me. There was also a random fat guy sitting in his passenger seat that I couldn't make out. So I sorta freaked out and stopped in the turning lane, he comes running up to my car and yells, "Do you realize that you pulled out right in front of me back there at that Amoco!?" Me, having no idea, simply said, "Umm, no." So he continues, "I had to slam on my brakes from 70 miles an hour and almost rear-ended you!" I then apologized, and he yelled, "You're lucky I have somewhere to be!" and just ran back to his car and took off. wtf? Haha.

Everyone knows that sucky feeling you get when a cop pulls up behind you. And then some people know that awesome feeling you get when he just lets you go.

But the story continued the next day at school when my history teacher, Mr. Sherman, started teaching class and retold the entire story but from the passenger seat of that Police car. Yeah, he was job shadowing the cop that day and caught the whole thing. He called me a dumbass and gave me crap the rest of the year.

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  • ok let me just start off by saying that is pure brilliance good job slick

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  • man im bored so im posting in all these stories hope you reply to the soap questoin?? :P

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  • Oh man dude, thats totally awesome. The world really is a small ass place

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