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When I was a kid we lived on 15 acres; 9 of which were woods. We didn't have any neighbors so a typical day for me was to go explore, hunt, build forts, bike, etc.

Our woods were split into 2 sections, 10% was in the front yard and 90% was in the back. Most of my time was spent in the bigger ones in the back. But one day when I was in fourth grade I decided to do some playing around in the front woods. So I got my "hunting knife," which was this old 6" skinning knife, mounted it onto my belt, and went out exploring. About 10 yards after entering the woods I started to hear a bunch of buzzing behind me. It was a swarm of bees flying out of a hole in the ground that I obviously stepped on without knowing it. They bombed me and started stinging like crazy. I began sprinting back toward the house but before I could make it out of the woods my foot got caught in some old coiled up barbed wire. I fell to the ground trying to get my shoe untangled while getting stung by these bees. With no success I pulled out my knife to cut my shoe off. While doing this I got stung on the face and forgetting that I had a knife in my hand I swatted at the bee and accidentally stabbed my other hand. There is a still a scar to prove it.

So I finally got my shoe untangled, ran to the house crying like girl while bees were still stinging me inside my clothes. I got into the house ripped my clothes off and bees were flying out. My parents then rushed me to the hospital where the Dr counted between 30 and 40 stings.

That day sucked.

Tags: Pain

Tags: Pain


  • ok i remember when this happened and let me just say you looked pretty damn hot after all those stingings. psych

    Juliet posted

  • HAHAHAH lol i see those soaps at the top of your web page they look like T-bones are they because the plate is in the front and not just the back??

    Karcsi posted

  • ... they are A-Sides (not released yet)

    derek posted

  • cool are they going to be an officila release or are they just a proto? must be fun to test out new soaps :D if you ahve any more info about the shoe please e-mail it to me and...I think I heard about another new pair of shoes called the slic idk maybe its coming out you probably know whaty it is so I was j/w because i love to soap

    Karcsi posted

  • yo can anybody contact me at my e-mail address and plz tell me were i can get a pair of t-bones like that with tha plates in front and back if so holla at cha boy peace..

    Rekizzle posted

  • Yeah man I really want a pair but I cant find any so like 2 days ago I was at the mall and saw a shoe store called "Journeys" so I saw they had no soaps but they had heelys so I went in then asked if they had heelys witht he grind plates so im so lucky they had my size "11" and I now have the Blaze model of heelys/soaps i think their called grails idk but yeah im happy till I hear more about the A-sides :P so if anyone knows the release please reply

    karcsi posted