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Throughout High School lunch, my buddies and I always goofed around in an immature fashion (imagine that). It was usually Me, Jeremy Ludin, Jeff Ballard, Boone Ebel, Kyle Wells, Luke Gochanour, Andy Mead, etc. First of all, we always mixed everything that was left at the end of a meal into some concoction. Every day there was a new name for it too like, super stinky dumpy, ultra gross jomblination, mega nasty sloppy, barfy dumpy pukey, etc... but overall we called it "Ultra Sloppy Barfy" It ruled so much. Then we'd put the tray with everything on it on top of all the other trays. Everyone would always look at us like, "omg those guys are so immature." Whatever.

Lots of things happened in our lunch room. Grub stole milk a lot and got busted. We always put things into the soapy water you're supposed to put your spoons in.
-One time Ballard put a bunch of alka-seltzer in it.
-Grub always threw tater tots in.
-Ultra Sloppy Barfy went in a couple times.
-And almost everyday we put some super bent fork or flattened spoon in there.

One time though, we had this fork just MANGLED. Every prong was pointing a different direction and was all zig-zagged, the handle was zig-zagged, etc. Well the lunch lady came out to get the silverware from the tub, went back to the kitchen, then came marching out just PISSED. She walked up and stood on one of the lunch tables, held up our mangled fork, and yelled, "THIS IS NOT FUNNY!" ...blah blah blah. Omg, it was so awesome.

So yeah, people in our lunch room thought we were immature.

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  • I miss those days. There is nothing better than making a lunch lady's day a living hell. I say we revive USB, bring it back and revamp it a bit.

    Jeremy (grub) posted

  • that is the stupidest bullshit i've ever heard. sloppy barfy buttfucker. you're so immature. fag.

    slurpy tit smacker posted