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One day Krissy and I decided to drive past my old house on Old Ranch Road in Port Byron. I was feeling pretty sick so I had her drive. In fact, I started to really feel like crap so I took my seat belt off so that the pressure wouldn't be on my belly.

Right when we passed my old house we came up on this car driving 40mph in the 55. Like any normal person, we got real annoyed. So she waited for the passing section, then passed. When we got right next to the car I looked over to realize that the people we were passing were my neighbors (really old farmers). And then I noticed that the car was turning into us to get into their driveway. They were totally oblivious that we were even there. So needless to say, the huge Continental knocked us off the road. We ramped over their driveway into this ditch heading directly for a telephone pole. Somehow the front of my car missed the telephone pole but the rear drivers side tire nailed it. Once we were completely stopped I was so panicked that I quickly put my seatbelt on, haha. I was freaking out. Had I not had that seatbelt on and had we been 1 foot to the left I would have been through the windshield and dead in a ditch.

To finish the story on a good note, insurance paid to fix my car and got me a really nice paint job. So I sold the car for $500 more than I bought it for, haha. Plus, I got lucky and didn't die. Wear your seatbelt, kids.

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  • I hate to say this, but if you hadn't dated that crazy bitch in the first place, all of that could have been avoided. Hey Jeff...nevermind.

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  • AND....... WOW!!!

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  • Seven years ago and I just read your comment....DICK

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