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  • Bock Fest 2008 posted

    It's Tuesday after Bockfest and I think I'm finally awake enough to blog. So.. Bockfest was good again; not sober, and everything a beer celebration should probably be... and more. Maybe even a little too much more... read more

  • Bock Fest 2007 posted - 3 comments

    Last year I didn't really blog about bockfest because I came down with a bad cold directly afterwards. This year I'm not making that mistake. Instead, I got my cold the day before. With a little Zicam, Sleep, and Water, I prevailed and I am now blogging. Friday around noon Nathan, Jeff, and Rico met up with Kari and I and we busted out to Redwood falls... read more

  • Bock Fest and Sick Fest 06 posted - 7 comments

    Oy, I'm home sick - it's lame. I'm all bundled up on the couch with 2 laptops, juice, and cold medicine, looking for some mindless things to do. Maybe it's a good time for a blog. First of all - this weekend. So much fun... read more