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  • Southern Florida posted - 1 comment

    If you've been paying attention to my photo stream, you've probably noticed that we had a jam packed vacation. 8 days and 250 photos of Key West and Miami Beach. Man, it was a great time. Jeff and Teresa took us down there as part of a giant celebration trip. Kari, Victor, and I got new jobs... read more

  • Kevin and Julie's Wedding Weekend posted - 1 comment

    So... Back to Kevi's wedding weekend. Friday after we got to Orlando, we checked into Hawthorne Suites, which rule btw. Kitchen, living room, 2 queen beds, an amazing free breakfast, open bar from 5:30-7:30 daily, free wifi, and a nice pool - all for only $90 a night. So after checking in, Kevi gave us some pretty rad gifts... read more

  • National Lampoon's Magical Wedding Vacation posted - 4 comments

    I really hate to rain on someone's wedding, which I won't do. But I'm totally about to blow up about traveling to Kevi's wedding. Omg. So first of all, Thursday, Zach, Amy, Kari, and I were scheduled to fly out of Des Moines around 5pm and show up in Orlando at 10:30pm. So we arrived at the DSM airport around 3:45 to check in, when we met an NWA employee named Betty... read more

  • RFID Journal Live posted - 2 comments

    Whoops, I forgot to blog again. So yeah, last week I was in Orlando for an RFID Conference. It was really nice. The resort I was staying at (Disney's Coronado Springs) was much better than I thought it'd be. I was sorta worried because... read more

  • Kevi Lives in Florida Now posted - 3 comments

    Ok so, kevi totally changed everything in his life up again with a new place to live, new job, and new gf... Imagine that. In fact he still owes me a case of dewski for winning this bet... how long were you at yellow book? 2 months how long were you at the hospital? read more

  • what the wtf posted - 12 comments

    ok. this is the most messed up, no-sense making trip ever. seriously, i am so baffled by it that i had to blog it, haha. kevi's gf is flying up here from florida and kevi is picking her up from the airport. this is where normality stops... read more