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  • Drive, Party, Demo, Drive posted

    So, this weekend I went to Chicago for a few minutes, which will put an end to a month straight of weekends I was out of town - without Kari, haha. Rochester, Minneapolis, Orlando, and Chicago. Traveling without Kari was a little weird, a little lame, but also nice. We both enjoy time with each other as much as we enjoy time without each other. However, 4 weeks in a row may be a little excessive... read more

  • Rochester Knockdown posted - 5 comments

    Welp, Rochester was pretty rad. We tried to hit all the hot spots in 1 night, which made things quite insane. It ruled though because everything was pretty much within walking distance. So we started the night off by eating at Newt's. I had heard that Newt's has the best burgers in town... read more

  • Shelves and 515 Alive posted - 1 comment

    My shelves are (mostly) done (again)!!! Haha. So yeah... Thursday, Rico and I finished spraying the shelves in my office - well, Rico did anyway. I just built the big ol tent and let the pro finish the work... read more

  • Memorial Day Insanity Again posted

    What is it about Memorial Day that is always insane? Last year it was Mt Vernon and Chicago, this year it is Des Moines, Dubuque, and Iowa City. Thursday before Memorial Day, Rico talked me into hanging out with him and the British kids that are staying at his house right now. It was a really good time, we all hung out, then went out. They are cool guys... read more

  • Chicago Heely Demos posted

    Sorry Cedric, but I think Chicago was much better than your party, haha. No, the visit was nice as always. I'm becoming quite comfortable with my visits to Harper and the city. It's almost routine - I love it. So yeah, Friday I drove to Chicago, got there around 10, we hung out a bit then went to dinner @ Ziggy's... read more

  • Dallas, HSL, etc posted - 3 comments

    Man, this was a long day. Kari and I got into Dallas at 11, then met Maddie for lunch. We checked out BJs brewery then toured the HSL offices. It was pretty awesome. I was like a kid in a candy store... read more

  • Heely Demos, Apple, etc posted - 5 comments

    What a blah weekend. It had the potential to be cool, but turned out pretty weak. Friday I hung out all night, cleaned a bit, watched a movie, etc. Then Saturday I woke up and went to the Jordan Creek shopping center. It was the grand opening of the Apple store so I got a totally rad complementary Apple shirt... read more

  • Chicago - Heelys and Metallica posted - 5 comments

    So this weekend I was scheduled to do a Heelys demo in Chicago. Kari was already going to Barrington (a suburb) to visit friends and see a Jimmy Buffet concert (dork, haha). So I rode along with her and cassie and got dropped off at a train station and played with my camera while I waited. Harper and I then went to Crobar at 2am with Jordan and Monica. It was nice to see Claudia and Red Hair Matt again too... read more

  • Xtreme Nation Demos posted - 1 comment

    So, I just got back from Saint Louis with Aaron, Zach, and Jordan... It was so much fun. Friday, I got on the tiny plane for my hour long flight to STL, haha. The plane was small enough to where we had to board from the tarmac, hehe. We stayed in Chesterfield, which is a lame lame town... read more

  • Wedding, Heelys, Chad Ginsburg, Lameness posted - 6 comments

    This weekend I went to Mount Vernon for Kari's friend's (Morgan) wedding. Kari made me go to the rehearsal which was sooooo lame. I left halfway through and went to the mall. Then on saturday we went to the wedding. Let me just say that I am definitely not ready to get married... read more

  • Minneapolis posted - 6 comments

    This weekend Nathan and I went to Minneapolis for a couple Heely demos. For the most part it was pretty fun, but it was also sort of annoying. The roads around the Twin Cities suck... bad. Seriously, 35w does not mean 35 west, wtf... read more

  • Chicago again posted - 2 comments

    Nordstrom department stores started selling heely's which is a big deal because that's a huge account for us to get. So HSL asked if I would be willing to go to Chicago to do a couple Demos at the stores up there. I was orginally supposed to meet Zach and Aaron there to do demos, but they couldn't make it. So instead, Kari went with me, and I did the demos by myself. Anyway, Chicago was really fun again... read more

  • A good day posted - 7 comments

    So far, so good anyway... I went to check my mail and I had 2 package slips. So I went to the campus mail center and got my 2 packages. The first was from a contest that I surprisingly won at, which included a new set of grindking trucks (which normally cost $50), Rims bearing gaurds, Rocketbolts hardware, a shirt, and some stickers! Me next package was from a company called Heelys... read more