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  • 7am. No Sleep and Bloody Knuckles posted - 1 comment

    It has taken me 4 days to build up the energy to blog about last weekend, seriously. Friday, Josh and Jeff were supposed to meet up at my house at 6... 6:30 at the latest. However when Josh told me that he wanted to take a route that he had never been (while attempting to never touch an interstate), I knew it'd be bad. At one point he was talking to me after he'd crossed into Iowa, 15 minutes later he called again and was back in Minnesota... read more

  • My Bachelor Party Weekend posted - 6 comments

    Omg, this weekend was totally crazy - I loved it. I wonder how long I would live if all my friends lived closeby... Anyway, Friday, Rich, Sean, Jeff, and Josh came into town for my bachelor party. We all headed up to Rico's to grill out, etc. They made an awesome meal for all 16 of us (it was a great base for the night we had - it definitely worked)... read more

  • Kevi, Jeff, Will, and Ninja's Balls posted - 7 comments

    So this was a pretty unplanned weekend... Originally we were supposed to go to Mt Vernon to hang out with our friends. But since we're poor and have a ton of stuff to catch up on, we decided to stay here. Luckily it turned out to be a fun weekend anyway... Friday Ninja got surgery... read more