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  • Checking out. Back to the Boundary Waters posted

    One day last year, amidst the shitstorm of a job and life I was living in the city of Chicago, I IM'd my buddy, Josh and told him that I needed another trip to the Boundary Waters. I wanted to check out from technology, humans, the city, insanity, everything. A trip to the Boundary Waters, a complete wilderness area absent of all civilization, modern conveniences, and man made structure seemed like exactly what I needed. This is a place where canoes and feet are the only modes of transportation, paper topographic maps are the only way to navigate, and you only take what you can carry. There are no cell phone towers, electricity, roads, running water, man made structure, and minimal human contact... read more

  • Boundary Waters 2009 posted - 1 comment

    Well, you may have noticed that I've been completely off the grid for a few days. At least, you must've noticed that your internet was slightly less clogged with my nonsense. That's because I've been camping, canoeing, and hiking the boundary waters with Josh, Chris, Will, Scott, and Cal. No phone service, no internet, no toilets, no running water, no electricity - just straight wilderness. In fact the area we were in doesn't allow motorboats or even wheels on land... read more

  • Bock Fest 2009 posted - 2 comments

    Well that was another successful Bock Fest - filled with drinking and laughing until your face hurts. Despite how awesome it was, Rico had to drop out at the last minute, which was LAME... however Cedric stepped up and stood-in for him. Tobbie also tagged along since she's been fitting in with our crew so well. So this year I felt more prepared than ever... read more

  • Josh's Wedding and Minneapolis posted

    So, Josh's wedding was last weekend and I was fortunate enough to be a part of the ceremony. Jeff, Nathan, and I actually all got to stand in it, which is awesome. The rehearsal was Thursday evening, so Jeff, Iulia, Nathan, and I drove up that morning - straight to Front Street Bar and Grill in Morgan. We each had a couple beers then went over to the church for the rehearsal. Rehearsal was pretty smooth despite the 18 person bridal party - seriously... read more

  • Bock Fest 2008 posted

    It's Tuesday after Bockfest and I think I'm finally awake enough to blog. So.. Bockfest was good again; not sober, and everything a beer celebration should probably be... and more. Maybe even a little too much more... read more

  • MPLS VIP 2007 posted - 5 comments

    Man, I really haven't had the energy to blog... but I suppose it's time to write about last weekend. So, Nathan, Josh, and I met up in Minneapolis for another big going-out fest, similar to what we did last year for Josh's birthday. The plan is basically to go to Minneapolis on Friday and come home on Sunday - that's it. Everything else just sort of falls into place, which is generally chaos... read more

  • Des Moines, Minneapolis, and Orlando posted

    All in 1 weekend. Ahhh, this is nice. Friday, Kari and I checked out waterfront deli, went to a party at Fry's for a bit, and then headed downtown to take part in some Drake relay festivities. Plus, Lindsey was in town, which always makes for a hilarious evening - when she calls us anyway... So, Last night was Jody/Matt's wedding in Minneapolis... read more

  • Bock Fest 2007 posted - 3 comments

    Last year I didn't really blog about bockfest because I came down with a bad cold directly afterwards. This year I'm not making that mistake. Instead, I got my cold the day before. With a little Zicam, Sleep, and Water, I prevailed and I am now blogging. Friday around noon Nathan, Jeff, and Rico met up with Kari and I and we busted out to Redwood falls... read more

  • Mount Kato and The Cities posted

    Minnesota is so freakin... I can't think of the word. It's not hick. However, it's similar to hick, with better people. It's so... read more

  • Minneapolis Birthdays posted - 2 comments

    Welp, as most of you know, Nathan, Chuck, and I went up to Minneapolis this weekend, which started out as a birthday bash for Josh, but ended up being a celebration of all our birthdays. Mine's in August... Nathan's is in June, and Chuck's is in November, haha. On the way, we ended up making a last minute pitstop into Clear Lake to pick up Monica and drop her off at her BF's place just outside of the cities. We got to our hotel around 9ish, which was in a pretty rough part of downtown - greyhound station, dudes getting handcuffed, etc... read more

  • Rochester Knockdown posted - 5 comments

    Welp, Rochester was pretty rad. We tried to hit all the hot spots in 1 night, which made things quite insane. It ruled though because everything was pretty much within walking distance. So we started the night off by eating at Newt's. I had heard that Newt's has the best burgers in town... read more

  • Bock Fest and Sick Fest 06 posted - 7 comments

    Oy, I'm home sick - it's lame. I'm all bundled up on the couch with 2 laptops, juice, and cold medicine, looking for some mindless things to do. Maybe it's a good time for a blog. First of all - this weekend. So much fun... read more

  • Minnesota - Josh's Birthday posted - 6 comments

    What a fun weekend. The days were sorta weird due to messed up sleep patterns. It kinda seemed like one long day. But anyway... Friday, Kevi, Kari, and I drove up to Morgan to meet Josh Lueck for a Birthday Bash... read more

  • Minneapolis posted - 6 comments

    This weekend Nathan and I went to Minneapolis for a couple Heely demos. For the most part it was pretty fun, but it was also sort of annoying. The roads around the Twin Cities suck... bad. Seriously, 35w does not mean 35 west, wtf... read more