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  • From a Sidekick 3 to a Blackberry Curve posted - 6 comments

    I've been an avid sidekick supporter since I got my Sidekick 2 back on 04. I upgraded to a Sidekick 3 in 06, and I bought my wife a sidekick slide earlier this year... but now, I'm switching. Why? The Sidekick is just moving way, way too slow... read more

  • Twit, Twit, Twitter. posted - 2 comments

    Remember back in college when you could find out what everyone was up to just by checking their AIM away message? Like, "Ah, Kari's at Hilltop? Bet. I'm headin up town." It was nice, real real nice. But now, if I wanna know where my peeps are, there are like 18 places to check... read more

  • - Expired posted - 6 comments

    So I had just left the house this morning and got an IM from Zach: zachsatwork: hey something is wrong with your website zachsatwork: Network Error (dns_unresolved_hostname) zachsatwork: Your requested host "" could not be resolved by DNS. Please verify that you entered the URL correctly and try again. At this point I freaked out a bit because I vaguely remembered a "1 month expiration reminder" from Joker. zachsatwork: thats it though, all the other sites are up brooxmobile: Is kari.broox? zachsatwork: down So I freaked out more, pulled off at this gas station and logged into Joker from my phone while pumping gas... read more

  • Sidekick 3'd!!! posted - 10 comments

    Supposedly the Sidekick 3 comes out July 10 and I just got mine - 4 days early, suckers. And what a great time to get a new phone - when I'm home sick. So needless to say, I've been playing with it a lot in bed, hehehehe. I really really like the SK3. The interface (both physical and soft) is much nicer... read more

  • Sidekick II'd! posted - 8 comments

    So, finally I got my Sidekick II. Since I haven't told the story on my site, here it is, once more. omg. I ordered my sidekick on November 30 - which was supposedly the last day of the $250 in rebates sale at Amazon. I was super stoked, I even paid for 2-3 day shipping so I could get it faster... read more

  • Cellphone plan 586 posted - 3 comments

    Ok, cell phone decisions are some of the hardest and most stressful decisions that i have to make. I really want to be able to be able to have the best possible communication options that I can get. First I was going to get that Danger Sidekick, which is still dope, but there are things about it that i don't like. New Plan: 2 devices, bluetooth, and wifi 1. Upgrade my Clie to the UX50, which has wifi and bluetooth 2... read more

  • T-Mobile Sidekick posted - 5 comments

    Harper always does this to me and I hate it. Step 1: Harper keeps up on new technology big time (which is one advantage to having him as a friend Step 2: Harper buys the new technology Step 3: Harper shows it off to me Step 4: I get jealous Step 5: I read about the technology Step 6: I learn that Harper is right and I want whatever it is that he bought Step 7: I usually buy the product This is cycle really stupid and usually expensive for me... but anyway, Harper was IMing me from someone's car today via his Sidekick, which is step 3 from the cycle mentioned above. So I've already gotten over the Jealousy and read about the sidekick at It's got a full qwerty keyboard, AIM, unlimited email via the built in IMAP/Pop client, SSH, and it is not much bigger than my i95cl... read more

  • My pockets rule. posted - 3 comments

    Yesterday I decided to get 2 new techie toys. The first of which being a Nextel phone (since U.S. Cellular was screwing me around). The second is the new Sony Cli? ?X70V... read more