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  • Ninja, The Million Dollar Bionic Legged Dog posted - 19 comments

    I don't even really know how to start this... But as I'm sure you all have heard, our dog Ninja died this morning at just over 5 years old. He'd been battling what we think was Addison's disease for the past couple weeks. Addison's disease is a disorder in which his adrenal glands don't produce enough steroid hormones. This basically sent his electrolytes out of wack, causing him to lose his appetite, become very weak, etc... read more

  • Belated Halloween Party posted - 2 comments

    As most of you know, Kari and I hosted a Halloween Party this weekend... and if you didn't come - you're lame. We had a little over half of the turnout that we had last year... but it was still a good time. Most of our out-of-towners didn't make it this time, however Tara came down from Mpls and Jake and Ania came from Illinois... read more

  • Ninja's Knee(s) posted - 6 comments

    We just went up to the vet to have Ninja's leg looked at. It turns out that he completely tore his cruciate ligament in his left leg. The good news is that his knee is easily fixable with TPLO surgery. The bad news is that it costs over $2,000. The worse news is that his right knee is partially torn... read more

  • Ninja's Hankerin' posted - 6 comments

    For a new hip. So, Ninja has been acting really funny lately, like his hind legs aren't working and are hurting him. He's been having a lot of trouble getting onto furniture, getting up stairs, and even getting up off the floor. Several times lately he's tried to hop into bed and got completely denied. And even worse yet, he has to use the stairs for nearly everything - even going to the bathroom... read more

  • Sushi, Dogs, and Beer posted - 2 comments

    As if I even have to say it... Dog parties are stupid. Kari had this brilliant idea to have a dog party at our house for Ninja's 2nd birthday. I originally didn't like it for a few reasons, one being that it ties us a lot closer to being parents than I'm really comfortable with. But also, wtf? read more

  • Halloween Dogs Alive posted - 5 comments

    Oh Yeah. So, we had a Halloween Party last weekend, which marked the biggest party held in my house to date - 40 people. I didn't realize how much fun that costume parties can be. It sort of makes an automatic ice breaker and then everyone ends up hanging out with everyone. I loved it... read more

  • Sprained/Hurt/Broken Wrist posted - 2 comments

    Hmm, so I've done enough extreme activities and hurt myself enough times that I keep a couple of those wrist/ankle/knee wraps around - and today I'm wearing one, haha. Stupid wrists. See, Zach and I were skating last night for quite a while. I was finally starting to stick a couple grinds that felt super unnatural to me before. It was going well... read more

  • Kevi, Jeff, Will, and Ninja's Balls posted - 7 comments

    So this was a pretty unplanned weekend... Originally we were supposed to go to Mt Vernon to hang out with our friends. But since we're poor and have a ton of stuff to catch up on, we decided to stay here. Luckily it turned out to be a fun weekend anyway... Friday Ninja got surgery... read more

  • Cornell, Celebration, and Ninjas posted - 12 comments

    Ah, what a weekend. Kari and I went to Mount Vernon and Cedar rapids to have a 'going steady celebration' with our parents. Friday was open so I totally planned on breaking Cornell - because I love breaking Cornell. So, I called friends to meet me there - Kevi, and Jeff. Soon, I realized that both friends are really, incredibly lame... read more