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  • Dallas, HSL, etc posted - 3 comments

    Man, this was a long day. Kari and I got into Dallas at 11, then met Maddie for lunch. We checked out BJs brewery then toured the HSL offices. It was pretty awesome. I was like a kid in a candy store... read more

  • Xtreme Nation Demos posted - 1 comment

    So, I just got back from Saint Louis with Aaron, Zach, and Jordan... It was so much fun. Friday, I got on the tiny plane for my hour long flight to STL, haha. The plane was small enough to where we had to board from the tarmac, hehe. We stayed in Chesterfield, which is a lame lame town... read more

  • St Louis Demo posted - 1 comment

    I picked up the rental van Thursday, then Kevin and I drove down to Kansas City. Once we got there, we met Oliver, Chris, and their friend Kevin. They played a bad trick on us. Chris didn't show up for a while cause he had to take a crap or something, so Kevin said that he was Chris, even though he's a pale skinned red-head, and Chris is tan with longer, brown hair. That had me so confused for a while... read more

  • Spring Break posted - 1 comment

    So spring break started yesterday and I'm flying to Phoenix this afternoon. I plan on getting tons of pictures and will be promoting Soap to the max. (for those of you that don't know, I'm sponsored by soap shoes again). If you need to get a hold of me you can call me on my cell phone or text message me here. read more

  • A good day posted - 7 comments

    So far, so good anyway... I went to check my mail and I had 2 package slips. So I went to the campus mail center and got my 2 packages. The first was from a contest that I surprisingly won at, which included a new set of grindking trucks (which normally cost $50), Rims bearing gaurds, Rocketbolts hardware, a shirt, and some stickers! Me next package was from a company called Heelys... read more

  • YM posted - 9 comments

    Alright, it's almost March and the April 2002 issue of YM magazine is being distributed to subscribers all over the U.S. Why does this matter? Because me and 10 of my friends did a photo shoot with YM last summer and some of us are going to be in it! That's right, a writer from YM (Sara Lyle... who's awesome) flew down from New York, and 2 Photographers drove down from Chicago... read more

  • MRI results, woohoo! posted - 3 comments

    Ok, so I messed up my knee really bad grinding this "sideways kinked rail" toward the end of June. 2 weeks later I went to the Dr. to get it checked out because it still hurt real bad, and it was still really swollen. They ended up draining 20 CCs of fluid out. Then the Dr... read more