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  • All Hit 98.9 Interview posted - 3 comments

    Back in college, I became sponsored by Soap Shoes which hilariously got me and my friends featured in YM Magazine. This clip is from an interview I did with a big radio station in the Quad Cities after it was published. Taken from TUESDAY ON ALL HIT 98-9'S MALIBU MARK MANUEL IN THE MORNING...One of the Quad City's very own is featured in the April edition of YM Magazine and we'll talk to him live...We'll dish out the dirt with Celebrity Poop at 7:20am...AND... read more

  • YM Article posted - 2 comments

    YM found my old soap shoes site, and did a feature article on me and a couple of my friends for the April 2002 issue. I will have more information on this soon. But for now, go pick up a copy and check it out... read more

  • Cornell student avoids same old 'grind' posted - 5 comments

    19-year-old man uses Soap Shoes to glide around the Mount Vernon campus Cornell College student Derek Brooks of Port Byron, IL,"soaps" along a railing on campus. Special athletic shoes witha plastic insert underneath allow him to glide along the surface. Special to The Gazette MOUNT VERNON - Around the Cornell College campus, Derek Brooks is known as the "soap guy," but not because he's a clean freak Instead, when this computer science major is walking to class, chances are he's soaping along the way... read more

  • Cornellian Combines hobby, Web savvy ... and attracts BBC posted - 2 comments

    Cornell College sophomore Derek Brooks has created an unusual but popular website based on his favorite hobby: soaping (an activity that loosely resembles inline skating without the skates). The site is so popular that it even drew the attention of the BBC recently. Brooks, who has created several websites, learned all about designing websites in a first-year student course at Cornell College called "Computing Practice and Perspective"... read more

  • Riverdale Graduate Brooks slides to SOAP Shoes, Web page success posted - 23 comments

    Derek Brooks, a Riverdale High School graduate, has found unexpected success with his website promoting SOAP Shoes. By Leon Lagerstam Staff writer Derek Brooks doesn't have a soap box to proclaim his support for SOAP Shoes. He has a website... read more

  • BBC Interview posted - 4 comments

    Back in 2001, the BBC found out about "freestyle walking" and then ultimately found my old soap shoes website, I agreed to interview with them as they hilariously poked fun at me and my shoes. Interview Transcript Wendy: I'm Wendy Douglas Brendan: and I'm Brendan Coogan and I'm a scary mother... read more