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  • RIP Miller Bracelet posted

    In 2005, I drove to my buddy, Zach's college town to help celebrate his birthday. As soon as I got into town, another one of our buddies (Aaron, aka Turbo) was passing through, so we decided to meet up and grab a drink at a local bar. It was a typical college town bar, complete with deals on Miller Lite, and sponsored Miller girls walking around, handing out terrible college Miller Lite swag. For some reason, when the girls came up to me, they decided I looked like the kind of dude who could really use an Official Miller "Drinking Glove" ... like, wtf even is a drinking glove??.. read more

  • Turbo Hates Women, Jordan Hates Late Dinner posted - 2 comments

    Last weekend my buddy Turbo had a "He-Man Woman Hater" party. When he first told me about it I was like, "huh... cool name, Aaron." I figured he'd made it up, but it turns out it's a real club from The Little Rascals. The He-Man Woman Haters Club was... wait for it... read more

  • The Zachelor posted - 4 comments

    So this weekend was Zach's bachelor weekend. Turbo, Rick, and Jake came up, we partied a lot, etc. It was a pretty crazy/good time. Rick pulled into the driveway Friday and barely said "hi" before he started pulling Coronas, chips, and salsa out of the trunk for Cinco de Mayo, haha. The rest of the night was fairly laid back - hanging out, rock bottom, etc... read more

  • B-days, Interviews, and Friends, Friends, Friends posted - 7 comments

    This weekend was supposed to be so chill, but then all of a sudden everything happened. I guess it was still pretty laid back, but a lot of visiting happened. I love visiting. Friday it was my cousin Gabe's 11th birthday. We met them at the Cheesecake Factory, which was different and better than I had planned... read more

  • Zach is 22 posted - 9 comments

    Oh man, what a weekend. I love going to visit buddies - especially Zach on his 22nd birthday. Thursday after work I drove down to WIU (Macomb) to hang out with Zach for the weekend. As soon as I got there Aaron showed up on his way to see his girlfriend, which was a nice surprise. We all went out for a beer and then Turbo continued to Cassie's... read more

  • Martial Arts: A good story posted - 7 comments

    A couple month's ago, my friends and I decided that it would be a good idea for Jordan to kick me in the stomach as hard as he could. It didn't seem like a bad idea because my stomach is so incredibly buff and Jordan was in martial arts which means he has good aim. So here's the video... it hurt, but everything went to plan. Anyway, my buddy, Zach was here last weekend and was wearing my tae kwon do uniform... read more

  • Zach finally got cool posted - 1 comment

    My buddy, Zach Larson, finally got cooler and bought his own domain name. He's also learning some flash stuff, so that's awesome too. Check out his site at Remember, Zach has only been designing websites for a few months, so you're about to witness a very fast learner. Zach also does all his work in notepad already, BOMB! read more