Rebels Advocate - One Brother


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This is a music video I shot for the hip hop group, Rebels Advocate; it takes place in Maywood, a west side suburb of Chicago.

We had 1 day to shoot the video, no script, bad weather, etc. The whole project was sort of a mess, but it was a lot of fun and the video turned out pretty decent considering our situation. It was everyone's first music video, we had no budget, no equipment, etc. The only thing we had going for us was a common vision and lots of patience, ha. Check it out and please let me know what you think about it in the comments. I need opinions.

There's more info about the group Rebels Advocate at

This video was shot and contains music by Rebels Advocate.



    kevi posted

  • nice

    cedric posted

  • Look It's me!!!!

    This was an enjoyable, yet exhausting day... we battle the elements, fought against poverty, and kicked reality in the teeth.


    luke posted

  • Look at all that hard work. The video is great, the beginning is incredible. Way To Go!

    Nicole posted

  • Impressive Video Dude!

    No One posted

  • sweet sweet vidio

    great job rebels advocate great lyrics great song

    great job derek looks like you worked pretty hard on this one

    anton posted

  • haha video*

    anton posted

  • Damn that music is f*cking h0mo. Gayest thing ive heard in a long time. Cracker.

    koolkeith posted

  • nice video!

    shdook posted