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While I was in college, my aunt and uncle asked me if I'd be willing to watch my cousins while they went out of town for a weekend. Since my little cousins basically rule, I accepted.

Beforehand, I was trying to come up with some things to do and thought it'd be a blast to spend the weekend making a short film... so I told my cousins to start thinking of ideas - and they did. Some awesome ideas.

So when I got in town on Friday, we spent the whole evening planning our movie. Then we spent Saturday filming this short video... which I edited in just 3 short sessions.

The film is basically about a CIA agent (myself) who loses a top secret disk. A couple spies (Gabe and Ethan) recover this top secret disk and attempt to decrypt it. So the CIA agent then hires a "Small CIA" agent (Anthony) to retrieve the disk before it's too late and they get our top secret info.

This was a blast to make and is still a blast to watch. Again, my cousins rule.

This video was shot and contains music by Rob D - Clubbed to Death, Propellerheads - Spybreak, POD - Alive.


  • Very Cool...............What fun it must have been

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  • where be the bloopers???

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