Supergrub 2


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In 1998, Me and Jeremy Ludin (Grub) teamed up with Boone Ebel and started to film the sequal to Supergrub (A High School project). We never finished the movie, probably because it was insanely retarded and basically just a big goof off... but I got out the raw version and edited what we had so far. So check out (what was going to be) the best movie ever. omg.

This video was shot and contains music by Bloodhound Gang, Prodigy, Pantera.


  • good god u guy's are liers this is not u

    dan posted

  • Hey, do you still have the original one we made for English class? I think I asked you this before...

    Jeremy Ludin posted

  • oh yeah, i still have the original. i even have the raw unedited footage!

    i was thinking about re-editing it to be a little shorter and putting it online. it was like 20+ minutes the first time... if i could get it down to 10-12 minutes, that'd be nice.

    derek posted

  • Oh man, that'd be great! I haven't seen that in so freaking long I forgot what was even in it.

    Jeremy Ludin posted

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    Ludin jeremy posted

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