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Back in 1997 (my sophomore year of high school), we got an assignment to make a short movie. It had to be a classic story having a bad guy, hero, heroin, etc. The hero had to wear white, his partner had to wear another bright color. The bad guy had to wear black and the bad guy's partner had to wear red. The heroin of course, had to wear pastel. The movie also had to contain a couple camera asides, etc, etc.

One of the dudes in our group was nicknamed Grub, so we basically made him the hero - thus, Super Grub was born.

Super Grub is a pretty awful movie. The original edit was 25 minutes long with a powerpoint presentation as the opening credits and a piece of paper scrolling past the camera as the closing credits. It was pretty hilarious, but over the years, transferring from VHS to VHS, the quality just got super bad.

That said, I recaptured the raw footage and threw it all together again yesterday afternoon... cutting out over 10 minutes of chase scene.

So, here you have our high school project, Super Grub - a movie that is half bad acting, half chase scene.

This video was shot and contains music by Danzig, Sepultera, Drowning Pool.


  • HAHAHA. Extra terrible. Wasn't our video one of the best, too?

    Andy posted

  • aside from it being 25 minutes long, yes, haha.

    derek posted

  • We should show this at the Independent Film Festival.

    Jeremy posted

  • My favorite part is our power walking through the woods. It really is no wonder we aced this thing. Genious.

    J posted

  • oh my god that shit was hilarious!!!! I really don't know why i didn't become an actress. HAHA

    scarlet posted