Tech Deck Dorks


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Derek Brooks and Zach Larson bust out their mad tech deck skills with tricks such as a 50-50, kickflip, 5-0, 360 quadruple kickflip, 50-50 Impossible, 8 stair 5-0, rail transfers, 5-0 to bluntside, etc. There is also a guest apperance by the crocodile hunter, wrestling a live croc!

This video was shot and contains music by Deltron 3030.


  • u guys are lame your dumb movie didnt work

    crap posted

  • haha. we are lame because your computer sucks? maaaan - the video works fine, dork.

    derek posted

  • haha

    zach posted

  • YAY! i wish i could do that, but i cant, i can 3 flip off stuff and over gaps, i can 5-0 stuff, 50-50 and do some other stuff, BOB DOLE(my real name is travis)

    bod dole( not really) posted

  • u all are fucking losers who cant sk8 board for real so u have to use tech decks ur fucking gay.

    pee posted

  • well yeah...

    zach posted

  • woah. i appreciate tech decks man. they are so cool. the stunts were awesome

    austin posted

  • Crikey! by the way peeboi, frigin lighten up! they were just skrewin around with teckdecks! You were prolly a test tube baby, weren't you? Anyways, good job as always broox and co.!

    Zeq posted

  • fuk u pee u proably cant sk8 tech deck or real so stfu

    pee sux dick posted

  • Nah pee is mad cuz he survived abortion....... nice vid guys and nice Croc hunta' toy lol

    En!gMa posted

  • you are all gay cuz im so much better than yo with tech decks

    suck a wang posted

  • who gives a crap derek had some fun and made a movie with his tech decks and his friend wtf do you have to argue crap about besides you dont even know him so get a life other than commenting crap about people you dont even know

    anton posted

  • I Thought your movie was very good and funny even though your friends suck at tech decking!! Nice try!!!

    jake posted

  • you guys need some practice.up in berlin we do much better.

    and im only 11 years old.

    Allan posted

  • if you guys want to see some real fingerboarding go to black-river or go on google and watch pissing fingers.

    allan posted

  • allan those guys are f**cking good.

    derek posted

  • you guys suck so bad!!!!!!!!!

    kyle posted

  • I'll giv u some props 4 that 50-50 nolie imposible out on the rail

    kyle posted

  • fuck man! i fell wiht a 360fmip

    mohammed posted

  • you guys are awsome man. all those other kids are just jealous cuz they cant do anything close to that on a tech deck or real skateboard. email me if you have anymore videos cause they are AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am pretty good myself but not as good as you. my email is

    Cameron posted

  • you guys are f**king crazy these guys suck. if you think they are good go on google videos and type in pissing finger

    Ronney posted

  • wtf was that at the end?

    Dave posted

  • i could totally take u at techdecks i can nollie nocomply 360 flip

    pimpkid posted

  • rad guys. they're freakin tech decks! haha. obviously we were just messin around in this video... hence the goofy title.

    derek posted

  • i was semi-serious while making this movie ... j/k

    zach posted

  • Was that the Croc Hunter on... a Croc?!

    Talk about random.

    Dave posted

  • fuck dude ur shit at tech deckn id kick ur arse and at real skateing to swarm represnt fuck u look like the biggest nerd fat cunts to ay

    i an actully skate ay posted

  • This video has spawned A LOT of comments... apparently most of them are from people who area challenging you two.

    Dave posted

  • Sorry, I just noticed taht the Croc Hunter thing was in the description. :(

    Dave posted

  • sude, this is so jenk, hags

    sude posted

  • you guys rock it doesnt matter what other people say there just losers

    keep up da good work

    TJ posted

  • Derek is pretty good but you guys need to do more switch crap,i mean really i can like switch heelflip over a pop can.

    p.s:your video was

    Dave2 posted

  • every time i load it the beatles come up lol

    evan posted

  • i think that these guys suck.i can so much better and i dont as stupid doing it.also i think that the first guy needs to learn how to ollie. he just flicked it in the air a couple of times.

    pro border posted

  • dude that vid was pretty rad i am a 50 year old fat man with a nice beer belly... i get paid to try out tech decks and could show you up any day .. but it was a pretty good vid anyway

    tech deck for life posted

  • hey pro boarder ... you suck prolly at tech decking i skate in my compters class and combo from computer to computer.. i ollie over people sitting down.. you suck pp

    karl posted

  • hey pimp kid you can't nollie no comply..

    karl posted

  • no one can understand what i say....... i am a pro tech decker! i made up the trick the supreme pizza i am gonna bust it out at a finger board comp! i like men

    Karl larsen posted

  • haha tony p sucks at tech decking

    MCS posted

  • hahaha no wonder your shirt says "virgin" reall big on it

    MCS posted

  • you guy's suck i'm twice as good and your gay

    frat posted

  • hey you guys are gay tech decking is gay. its for losers who dont know how to ride a real skateboard pussy's

    Haole Boy Killer posted


    FaLLeN SkaTeR posted

  • this movie sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    it is terrible

    Macks posted

  • I say u guys alright but i can do all that shit on a real deck

    DaRKsTar $kater posted

  • I would waste you guys in a game of sk8

    Skater 4 Life posted

  • sweet!!! how long have you been doing this shit!!!???to bad u cant do that on a real board like me

    i sk8 blanks posted

  • umm.. thats flippin sweet man???!

    duh posted

  • uh uh eh we gguys rock yea rockkk

    tech deck dorks posted

  • dude you guy's are so good at this you should like build your own mini skate park and make up some new sweet ass tricks!

    jimmy posted

  • u guys r crazy and insane ! but hows that chick n the back ??

    justin+nic posted

  • you guys are fucking lonely

    tommy posted

  • yo pee i like to do it ur dad stlyle up ur moms ass !!!!!!!

    hi im hi posted

  • dude that was nice i can do 900ds and stuff. i am good at vert mabye i could send you a video pf me. i like the trick ware you flip the board over and throw it up and do spins and land. i can do that

    grenades are cheese posted

  • hay pee guess what youre a loser and get a grip freaking idiot

    grenades are cheese posted

  • u guys suck! what the hell am i doing here in ur lame ass site anyways... soap shoes sucks!

    craph posted

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    jess posted

  • u guys rock ya right

    stephine posted


    ENONAMIS posted

  • i could do all of that on one finger but u were alright

    sk8ter finger posted

  • hey black river dudes these guys are liek a god compaired to you

    techdeckchick posted

  • jk black river dudes rock so like it is the other way arounf the dudes on this vidieo suck ass they need to get better fast you sould like challenge them

    techdeckchick posted

  • damn, that first dude is a nerd fosho. Whos that chick in the backround...Id fuck her....

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  • Whos that chick in the backroung Id f*ck her in a second......

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  • i thaught it was amazin n hoe do u do dat its cool

    Randy_Rabbit posted

  • only good thing about that video was deltron 3030 for the music.

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  • that was pretty cool. you guy's have tallent. i just started so i suck. lol

    sk8 for pain posted

  • that was sweeeet!!! i just really got into teck decks like 4 days ago and i suck! i cantjump the board 2 inches off the ground! lol. anyways, that was sick!!! if u have any pointers on beginner tricks or jumps or grinds, please tell me- that was awesome!!!

    beginner teck decker posted

  • Sup yall. tech deck is cool. is pissed me off that i could put a movie on. my camera is over 100 mg. man that sucks i got some cool tricks.

    blindskillz posted

  • u guys are big losers who need to get girlfriens

    darwin posted


    pooper posted

  • hay. you guys were good . keep practising but you wont get as good as the blackriver pirates in berlin. />

    or just watch the pissing fingers movie. i have just boaght 130 pounds worth of blackriver stuff.

    tjpepper posted

  • Its soo pimped yaa teach me your but can u guys do a varial flip 360

    Dana posted

  • Its soo pimped yaa teach me your but can u guys do a varial flip 360

    Dana posted

  • u freakin suck~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    dork posted

  • hhahahaha your thang sucks beeeyyyoooootttccchhhh

    lalalala posted

  • can u still be alowed to oliy with 3 finngers?

    cole best teck decker posted

  • i can do a 3 flip 2 50-50! i also can do inposabl 2 o-51 and a kikflip and lots more with out cheating and i am only 11 years old go me

    cole best teck decker posted

  • your sweet tricks are wicked

    jordan posted

  • ya you guys are lame for playing with techdecks.....nerds

    mike posted

  • you guys rock ive never seen someone beter on a tech deck

    sk8r kid posted

  • teach me to do this

    street posted

  • U guys fucking suck get on a real skateboard and do all those gay ass tricks u did w/ ur stupid toy.

    Actually Skater posted

  • your aight. try and skate different obstacles. other than that, your aight i guess

    mason v posted

  • You can't skate for s***

    crap posted

  • you guys suck you guys probably can't even skate in real life

    Peter posted

  • Hahaha, Nice vid. For all those retards out there who post crap comments are just "Posers", And for all of you who say your the best should just piss off. They probably do skate in a real life you fags, and if they don't, oh well =P Techdecks are just a source of entertainment, & it could be played whether you are a skater, or not. If you want to prove that you guys are better, why don't you make videos yourselves and show how you only know how to stand on a freaking board idiots...

    OG posted

  • hey ur vid was kool lol um but it was in slow motion i know ur trying to make it look like its so easy but keep it real

    derek posted

  • hey yo, this is bam, im doing a skate test/demo on 24 november 2006 in texas, if u dont live there i will pay for a family of up to 6 with acoomodation, cantact me on my email- c ya there hopefuly

    bam magera posted

  • yeah you guys should make more of those videos.

    zak posted

  • hoo eva sais that move suz are the biggest dumasses

    can som1 tell me how to do it i cant even ollie

    boobs posted

  • fuck you man i was riding tech decks when you where still sucking your thumb bitch

    dylan posted

  • then you suck boobs so does your name your mom must be pretty fat to give you that name

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  • u guy r awsome i wish u could teach me

    T.J. D. posted

  • i love u guys,

    ur hot

    Katelyn posted

  • u r all dicks sadmasn will kill u just to say i'm not tony hawk

    tony hawk posted

  • i could woop you any day

    big boy posted

  • duh its finger bords whats so hard took me 1 day to learn to olie impossible and kickflip

    chekman posted

  • yeah you guys are pretty good, keep it up! this is the first video i've seen though. i don't know anyone but myself that can use these things properly, so respect to you. i recommend working on your landings though. try to catch flips in mid air, and land with fingertips above the trucks, and the same fingers as you popped the trick with :p and give up on over-the-top flip-tricks, just making a kick flip or a grind look as real as possible is way cooler. study the way skaters pop out of a k grind on skate vids, then try to emulate that. try to get your tricks to flow smoothly, as if your hand is a free agent, with momentum, and weight behind it. holy shizen, i just wrote an essay! what, am i high? :P

    deckstrous posted

  • cool you guys can actually skate with tech decks very good but remeber "check it" will all ways be the best at tech decks.

    check it posted

  • wazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzup ending was kick but come up wid mor stuf

    dallas tai-lee posted

  • Hey All you People who made fun of thes guys u stink! Think how you were made fun of when you couldn't skate. I play with tech deck cause mainly I can't afford a real board! So Mi Board was crud! Any Way Listen. Just cut it out or I WILL!!!!!!

    Lee posted


    Nick posted

  • sick video

    weizzy posted

  • this is bad doark

    collin posted

  • cool man how did you do it

    games man posted

  • yoyoyo dat waz da shiz nick man u r my idol and all doz pepz dat say it shit dae jzt jealusv day kant do that WAAAT YAYAYA

    harta posted

  • and also lee is my idol

    harta posted

  • i am TD

    - posted

  • cool!teach me tat skills....

    danny posted

  • i bet all you guys are blufing on saying i can do this and that and doulble kickflip frontside boardslide impossible fakie...shut up only i can really do all that stuff!!!!!

    the tech deck king posted

  • how do you do a 900 you can your hand can't spin like that

    the tech deck king posted

  • god shut up king you are probaly bluffing too....and you don't spin your hand just your board dumb ass!!!!!!!!

    deck tech posted

  • ok ok ok ! ! ! ! yall ALL suck -go out side and do this stuff for real -oh yah whith your girlfreind waching too -probaly just your cusin anyways!!! lol

    CourtGrind posted

  • ohhya your board sucks too!!!! lol

    CourtGrind posted

  • you guys are awsem. that was the best i ever seen to skate likes that.

    billygoat posted

  • you guyz need to get off those gay tech decks and get on a real board

    you guyz suck!!!!!!!!

    i eat kitties posted

  • yo tony hawk your just a poser i could do every thing you can do on a real board & tech decks so eat that

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  • whats wrong did u all go nighty night

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  • A man that first guy did some awsome tricks and at the end you showed us that you din't have glue on your hands but the second guy you had your pointer finger under the board but it was still hot keep up the good work guys

    DeVaughnte' posted

  • Heyy..

    My name is Jamie!?

    I just got a Tech Deck pretty much for school cuz its so boring.

    You guys are really good though.

    Good job on that.


    Jamie posted

  • you suck. you could get ona real board and might get a real girl instead of geting a hooker to stand in the background. I play with them during class caus I am boored and I am better than you!

    real border posted

  • do u guys call yourselfs are good?lol just 2 let u know sk8 in a the lil' kindergarten deckers.get on areal board and i could beat ur butt in both!!!

    tech deck master posted

  • OH SNAP!

    derek posted

  • qui arrive a faire le kikflip avec les tech deck

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  • pretty avrage.................. but i can do better than you guys

    i have hundreds of tech decks

    Jeremy Flexer posted


    KYLE posted


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  • nice mad skitels lol nice work like the song

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  • u guys can't even really skateboard because you are huge POSERS*****!!!!

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  • Seriously i'm pretty pissed off at people spamming this comment section of the video. It's not bad, really. It's actually some of the better video's ive seen (and I've seen alot) the tricks were pretty fluid and some are hard to do. Posers will have to kill them selves (which are half of the posters here) and not just say SFJSIDHGSHGJSDL YOU SUCK cause YOU DON't. Just seen this from a google search.

    -Blue-rage of

    finger boarding synergy co. />

    ps:keep up the good work. I would like to see more videos.

    Michael Jang posted

  • this message is for all you tech deck skaters.....

    get a real skateboard

    start learning in real life

    skater posted

  • u guys r ok but me and cody can top u bitzhs look on u tude and lunch room round 1.biotch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    kyle posted

  • you guys r good at fingerboarding, but you really are dorks, get a real skate maaaan. no offence dude

    Soch posted

  • hey im not interested in the tech deck i just want to get a horney dude and talk to if you have aim my screen name is


    and my email is

    sexy17 posted

  • Dude this vid is pimped u guys kick ass wat kind of boards r u guys using? this other losers are just jealous cuz they cant sk8 worth a donkeys ass

    Flip Boards Kick Ass posted

  • u ppl suck i can do that stuff in real life man

    somedude posted

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  • u guys suck ur just using tech decks because u cant sk8 in reall life u guys are jokes any1 can do tht

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  • you guys are pretty good fuck all them fags that are sayin shit u rock man

    Bam M posted

  • damn that was tight just like me

    tony hawk posted

  • shit watch pissing fingers in google videos

    black river posted

  • sorry that was crap i can do better in my sleep try varying ur tricks and get some practice in befor putting a vid on the internet.

    tech deck pro posted

  • p.s a lot of people are saying u cant skate in real life. if you dont skate for real try it out its a quality sport.

    tech deck pro posted

  • derek and zach the guys who made this video, type in pissing fingers in google videos its quality ive learnt a lot from that movie thoose guys are unreal

    ryan posted

  • All you guys are just a bunch of gayass fagots that have nothing better to do but sit online and diss on poeple who are like 14.2 times better than you at something.

    Fat Dude that knows Stuff posted

  • u fricken guys suck im only 11 yrs. old and i could do a thousand times better

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  • hey u know what i bet u i can beat allllllllllll of u gay guys in a game of sk8 so beat that u posers

    awsome sk8ter posted


    awsome sk8ter posted

  • awesome sk8ter for an 11 year old you dont half swear do you, im 13 ive been finger skateing since i was 8. derek and zach arent that bad so i dont know why everybodys ripping into them on this site.

    ryan posted

  • okay then i guess they're okay but i can do a lot better

    awsome sk8ter posted

  • U rock not lol u stink! at the end but u are good at the first parts

    stupid posted

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  • u were prety good but iv seen a lot better

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    me the skater posted

  • i have a rod the size of king rod is king kong

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  • im new to tech decks i need help

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  • how do can you make your own tech deck

    Gregory posted

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  • Dude You suck derek. I am way younger than you and can already do more than you the right way like your kickflips suck so bad that I almost threw up.

    You suck

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  • i think it was allright but the tricks were flooked

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  • it sucked and you cant finger bord for nuts my friend is beather then you and he has only bening bording for 3 days

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  • this is a funny video. especially the end part

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  • Dude i liked that video of yours.

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  • that was pretty sweet you pwn mad noobs. and i ahve one quetion i was looking at the film. but how do you get a kickflip that high i cant even get it to pop!!!

    ERIC posted

  • that was pretty sweet you pwn mad noobs. and i ahve one quetion i was looking at the film. but how do you get a kickflip that high i cant even get it to pop!!!

    ERIC posted

  • dude you rock i am pretty good myself butt not as good as you

    cod posted

  • how do how do that i suck compaired to you

    dan posted

  • that was tight

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  • yo that was awsome guys and i need help on kickfliping if u gus cood help me it wood be great posted

  • hello could some1 plz give me sum help on how to do a kickflip posted

  • dont listen to them im workin on makin a video to but im 11 but crazy with a fingerboard

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  • im not even 11 and i can do better]

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  • im not even 11 and i can do better]

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  • Ej screw you all who make fun of us, why cant we tech deck? isnt it our choice. nothing you say will make us stop. so stop wasting your time trying to sound better than us and f*** off! peace to all tech deckers.

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  • and most of us do skate.

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  • i can kick flip too

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  • man ive been tecking for 4 days im almost as good as you guys but ur still prtty good and i can skate in real life i just do it when it rains or its to cold to skate

    bill posted

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    Mikey posted

  • ej i made the most sweetest set of stairs last night (with a rail offcourse) peace fellow tech deckers

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    jay posted

  • it so freaking easy . all u gatta do is take ur finger and watch the board flip

    Jay posted

  • zomfg this isnt that good i can do all these tricks and better

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  • omg, i can do all of that with my tech decks, duuuuude i should totally get sponsered

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  • i agree with amy!

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  • u guys arent that great like i could do that whole vid with mi left hand dude come on pick it up those were weak i tech deck for 2 year won a comp then im like gay u can du anything first pop so the i went to the skate park and skated real mans boarding cause there is acualy a risk factor and if u bail you dont just get back up

    kazama posted



    brett chaney posted


    brett chaney posted

  • everybody who plays w/ Tek dekz r posers!!! KISS MY ASS!!!

    HRD SK8N MAN posted

  • This movie was alright but still its probably true that if you play w/ tek deks you r a POSER

    HRD SK8N MAN posted

  • tech decks are so cool, and the tricks are out of this world

    austin posted

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    jack posted

  • u suck cum of mi boot pee lol

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  • tech decks kick ass but only use them if u can sk8 in real life

    eliot posted

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    brian posted

  • Thank you...

    cfoiwjcv posted

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    ryan posted

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    yoyoyoy posted

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    dc posted

  • hey yall need to stop saying tech decking is only for people who cant skate cause i can skate and tech deck and the person who made the T.D. was a kid that skateboarded

    sk8ter 4 life posted

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    scot posted

  • That was the lamest crap i have ever seen, U both cant do shit on a tech deck. Takes a real man/girl to do it on a real board not useing ure fingers

    Pro Decker posted

  • that stunk so bad i can smell it

    austinmrocker posted

  • puta mas q puta te voy a quitar la chirla de tanto chupartela niņa guarra y tambien quiero q me hagas una mamada

    dave posted

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    deck monk posted

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    5t posted

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  • HOW DO YOU DO THAT FINGER THING!!!!!!! It was great!!! -- Dylan, age 10

    Dylan Livingston posted

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    dude dude dudet dudet gunit gunit gunit

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  • i like teck decks and i jus wanted to know how long you have been finger boading. you guys rock

    martyn. jones posted

  • the video rocks, ure quality

    martyn jones posted

  • if people say the video is crap then why do you all put in comments

    martyn. jones posted

  • the guys that made this video i gotta say that you guys should get better at tech decking before you start with the videos. Everyone can tell the 360 quadruple kickflip was a matter of luck, you probably did that trick by accident. im a tech decker myself. I can do allot more than you can and i dont make videos of it. so just do yourself a favour and stop making movies.

    and i skate offcourse.

    peace to all tech deckers.

    im out

    Mikey posted

  • If you are so "good" why don't you get out of your house and do some tricks on a real skateboard instead of some tiny toy?!?!?!?!?

    ???????? posted

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    im gettin one tommoro is it easy to ollie?

    grind wif me posted

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    ryan posted

  • do some flip-grind-flip-out tricks.

    and don't land it with your palm, thats just silly.

    dane posted

  • and tech decking is sick.

    i did it everyday in study hall last year with friends, and we got sick by the end of the year.

    dane posted

  • I have a new trick for u. Its called the stair side slide, its pretty fun and easy to do some times. First u have to get so the board is on its side while moving on a stair case. Or anything that you think would work as stairs.

    Second just ride down the stairs.

    Third flip the board so its wheels are on the ground and ride away

    JT posted


    JT posted

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    lil j b posted

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  • zach is the best grinder ive ever seen. everyone is just jealous

    tucker posted

  • i am a pro tech decker and the beast way to grind is grind with da deck)(lool xD

    XiDeR posted

  • FS SMITH is very dificult but to do that you must ollie with half shevit to the grind

    xIdEr posted

  • im a techdeck pro and i can whoop all of you suckers

    deante posted

  • try this ollie double kickflip darkslide beat that losers

    deante posted

  • i think the video was good not i can do better and im only 1o years old

    deante posted

  • the video is awesome

    Malik posted

  • i think not

    deante posted

  • i can skate way better on my techdeck i mean did you see any of those guy's do a darkslide cause i didint see it all why cause the video is lame and dorky

    deante posted

  • you guys were all right but i am better than you guys cause i can do a 1080 tailgrab and you cant you gutless cowards

    Nick posted

  • That one dude probably only knows how to grind and thats it

    Nick posted

  • Myspace Comments: MyCommentSpace

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    malik posted

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  • this iz a cool site but iz it supposed to b like a myspace or a weeworld or r u just supposed to leave the message and not go on the website again can we have an account reply back on my yahoo account again and no chain mail please and no stupid messages or go on and search for lilbrat100 leave me a message telling who u r and ill get back to you a.s.a.p.

    Alexus posted

  • if this vid was in a suck compation you would win all hands down

    teck deck pro posted

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    skater81 posted

  • how do you do that stuff man.

    dave posted

  • fuck of baties

    yah mom posted

  • omg this is nothing watch pissing fingers in google videos then go onto the blackriver site. thats proper fingerboarding

    blackriver posted

  • you suck a tech decking im 10 times better than you

    nick posted

  • ya'll are pretty good but i could woop ur a$$ in a game of skate!

    but i guess i'll give u ur props

    BAker posted

  • i love how theres like 300 comments of retarded people flaming the shit outta the video.

    The video is fine, they aren't trying to prove anything, and its fun to watch. And THEY are having fun in the video. Last time i checked, tech deck wasn't a real sport. So whoever wanna flame, just stfu, ur retarded

    AnthoFlex posted

  • my son is really good with tech decks

    jeannie posted

  • hay you rock if u cod mack a websit to show some tricks

    casey posted

  • people r mean well i dont now a lot of tricks will u show me some thx

    casey posted

  • my noly verials are the best you aint shit

    cole posted

  • sweet tricks dude

    Tech Deck posted

  • this sucks.who the hell made it.i can do all of those easy tricks

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  • dude tech deck are cool I do not know why people are giving you sucky comments

    austin posted

  • i am 10

    austin posted

  • tech deck dorks videdos are cool and who said that they are sucky are a dork and what i can do is a 360 drop and grind into a imposable.

    austin posted

  • ahh it was ok took along time 2 load on my lame computer was worth watching

    edgar 12year old posted

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    greg posted

  • you stink

    greg posted

  • yeah cool i guess but seriously, that is beginner shit. I do mostly ledge stuff, but I warm up on kickflip smith, kickflip noseblunt, smith tre, smith backsideflip......SKATE winners are usually obscene like kickflip noseblunt switchflip out, primo slides, heelflips into grinds, hardflips into shit, 5-0 varial 5-0.....everything in fakie as well. Trying to learn nollie stuff but any flip in flip out stuff nollie is really tough.

    P-Tail posted

  • dude. you realize you're talking about tech decks, right? i am not trying to be a pro tech decker, haha.

    derek posted

  • to me this vid is cool and entertaining. u guys are so talented. awesome

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