Jeff and Teresa's 40th Anniversary Party

  • Some old high school buds
  • Got some foods
  • Hangin on the deck
  • Some family and friends
  • Checkin those pics
  • Hangin at this party
  • Karen makin some Kentucky mules
  • Got some Iowa beers on tap in the basement
  • high school buds
  • Hangin on the patio
  • Jeff gives a speech
  • An anniversary toast
  • Anniversary smoochin
  • Bros hangin
  • Party peoples
  • Reynolds family
  • Reynolds fam + Derek
  • Jeff n Teresa
  • Denners and Boyds
  • Old school and new school foos ballers
  • Sherry whoopin on the kids
  • Ken Griffey Jr
  • We got a dead prius
  • Manuel gives us a taste of some Columbian liqueur
  • Look at this fancy lil dude playing Super Nintendo
  • Road Rash

We hosted a party for Jeff and Teresa's 40th anniversary. Kari knows how to throw a good party.

Photos taken in July, 2017 in Des Moines, Iowa

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