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Charity auctions are insane, man! I was just that astonished dude sitting there rapidly looking back and forth with my mouth agape.
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Hold up... @PUSHA_T has a second Instagram account just for dressing up his dogs. Yuuugh. t.co/mjHuAF1GId

I just ordered a mickey mouse shirt.
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So, Kari bought 2 slices of pizza last night and stuck em in the fridge for me to find this morning. :fist pump: Glad to be home.
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  • Bullshittin with Warren
  • Bags at the Levee
  • Bags at the Levee

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Becoming Middle Aged

So, my friend Carol has this theory that you truly begin your middle aged life once you become thirty three and a third. She's based this on the idea that if we live to be ~100 years old (yea right), the first third of your life is from 0 to 33.3 years old, the second (middle) third is until you're 66.6 years old, and so on...

She totally buys into this thing too. Like she'll even make you a 33.3, middle aged narwhal birthday cake if you're lucky like my buddy, Nick.

So anyway, with that said, Carol tells me that today marks my 33.3 year old birthday... and by her standards, I'm now officially middle aged.

And to be honest, even without this incredibly important milestone, I've been thinking about this a lot lately.

Over the past few years, I've felt older than ever (I mean, duh, right?) ...but seriously. I've never ever felt any sort of oldness until recently. I me... read more


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