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I would love to go back to this time, last year and talk myself into just getting an apartment.
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This series is gonna be nasty.
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This is at least the second Reed that I've heard of doing this... t.co/0r7Db2uQyr

The Cubs announcers have been talking about sleep apnea for a good 5 minutes now, lol. wtf.
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Picking up an M-series in Germany

First of all, some things I noticed about Germans: no one is staring at phones. Everyone rides bikes - mostly cruisers with kickstands and barely locked up. They are big rule followers. They seem to require very little policing and are generally very respectful people. They love super cheesy t-shirts, especially if the F word is on them.

And now, for a long breakdown of our trip.

Day 1 - Munich

As we fly into Munich, I notice all the farmland, rolling hills, and small villages and am getting even more excited about having the opportunity to drive around this beautiful country.

We land, get taken to our hotel, take a quick nap, and then do some exploring and shopping around the Marienplatz area. It didn't take us long to find our first real german food and beer halls. The sausages and pretzels were awesome. The spätzle was amazing, and the ... read more

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Hi, I'm Derek Brooks

I'm a 35 year old midwestern American who enjoys engineering, traveling, partying, and extremish sports.

Most of my life's latest happenings are on this page, but you can also check out what I'm up to today and what I did yesterday.

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