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Does anyone actually use allo?
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let that sink in

Last night, I dreamt that @arkmashton and I were suburban cops. It was a bit sketchy, but also really fun.

Whoever sent me the glitter filled package with a small bag of gummy dicks in it... thank you. from the bottom of my heart.
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  • Dessert at Classic Frozen Custard
  • Food for 4, ha
  • First time using my new smokenator 1000 + Weber iGrill probes. Turned out great!
  • Testing out these new meat probes

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Our trip to Mukul Resort in Nicaragua

As a lot of you know, Kari and I just got back from a pretty rad trip to a resort in Nicaragua... and nearly everyone we've talked to about it asks, "how did you pick Nicaragua?"

Well, it kind of started with our friends' Mindy and Ryan's wedding. They had a destination wedding a couple years ago at the Banyan Tree Mayakoba resort in Mexico. Here, we had our own villa that came with it's own pool - devoid of other people's children and ... well devoid of everyone. This private home-like beach tropical experience ruined Kari. She actually said that she didn't want to go on another vacation that didn't come with a private pool.

Fast forward to 2017 - Kari asked our travel agent to find us a similar resort with its own villa and a pool. She gave us options in the Caribbean and another in Nicaragua. Since we've been to the Caribbean a few tim... read more