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Tonight, four people asked me if my android watch was an iWatch... fuckin nerds, man. fuckin nerds.

Girls who nonchalantly flip their long hair on you are dicks. Gross dicks.

There is one weekend a year that you can get real Ethiopian food in Des Moines... and I am taking advantage of it.

These new iPhones are hilariously buggy.
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  • Media in the workplace... OFA flashbacks. *twitch*
  • A foggy commute

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Lollapalooza 2014

So when Kari was diagnosed with MS last fall, no joke, one of the first things she asked me (nearly in tears) from her hospital bed was, "what are we going to do about lollapalooza?" Not even lying, she wanted to know that if she wasn't able to walk anymore, I'd be able to get her to the front like the guy we saw at Kendrick Lamar last year. It sounds totally cheesy, but live music is just something we do and it's been a huge part of our relationship.

Well, fast forward 10 crazy months and aside from needing an arm through some rough terrain, Lollapalooza was absolutely no thang for Kari. No handicapped pass was needed, we had a blast, saw some amazing shows, walked ~60,000 steps, and hung out with some good friends.

As far as music goes, 2014 was loaded with hip hop and great, danceable music. Here's who I saw.