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Help, I am addicted to sodastream.
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ATTENTION: my birthday is in 1 week.
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Maine t.co/4AxKhOFIvo

@aaronykng i'd love to see some sort of more accessible dimmer next to each group of lights in @ChromaForHue! also, this is such a great app
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Over the 4th of July, my wife's extended family from Boston hosted a family reunion at their cabin in Maine... Kari'd never been to the state, and I hadn't been since I was a kid, so ... duh ... we went!

I'd forgotten just how beautiful and untouched a lot of Maine is. Flying into Portland and seeing the hills, trees, freshwater lakes, and ocean along the way made me seriously question why we live in Iowa. It is such an amazing place.

So, once Kari and I landed, her parents picked us up and we headed past the small town of Damariscotta and onto Biscay Pond ... Lake to meet the rest of the family. Here, we had 2 cottages and her family's cabin... all split amongst 20+ people.

Everyone in her family was awesome and the east coasters were all amazing hosts. We spent the next few days hanging out, eating, drinking, playing lawn games, and exploring the lake. There was lots of boating, swimming, kayakin... read more


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