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Friends who have personal sites or APIs, what are your apps built on? where do you host your stuff?
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I am sitting in a movie theater at Netflix HQ.
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Today was a weird day. I liked the parts where I learned some things tho.
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I have been in training all day without any dewski. AMA
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  • HOLY SHIT 4 comments
  • It's not quite pool weather, but I'm debating jumping in anyway.
  • Just passed this car that had a horse in it. 12 comments
  • My man.

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Our Master Bathroom Remodel

So, after having every single room in our house anywhere from 25-95% done for several months, I finally decided to buck up and finish a room... The master bathroom/closet... and I'm gonna tell you all about it.

Our goals were pretty simple. Make it bigger, more modern, more accommodating, and more "spa like" - a phrase thrown around wayyyyy too often during the entire process. Seriously. Almost every discussion that Kari disagreed with started with her saying, "well, that's not very spa-like."

Anyway, the existing bathroom was very utilitarian but had some nice features, like a connected walk-in closet and ... well, that was pretty much it. Other than that, it had a sink, next to a toilet, next to a shower, and ... carpet floors.

To be more accommodating, we wanted a walk in shower with space for a seat, a sit-down vanity for Kari, and laundry inside of o... read more