• Maine stuff 4 comments
  • Fresh, local oysters.
  • Lobster everything
  • The cottage
  • Made it to the lake 10 comments
  • Road to the cabin
  • Myer's Cabin
  • Kari! Ride the paddleboat with me!
  • Paddle boatin
  • Myer's cabin from the lake
  • Cruisin across the lake
  • Boatin with this girl
  • Pointin out some cool lake houses
  • Lake cruisin
  • Obligatory lake sunset photo
  • Island
  • This intended groupie turned out into a fantastic selfie
  • Some cool girls
  • Some pretty rad cousins
  • Spaghetti Night
  • Some kids
  • s'mores
  • Happy Birthday, Donna
  • Birthday Partyin
  • Playin in the living room
  • Oh you wanna eat some night crawlahs?
  • Night crawlahs
  • Slammin a morning dewsk in my dewsk shorts
  • Gettin super extreme after slammin that dewski
  • This is how you wear a life jacket to chill in a lake
  • Life jacket diaper mode
  • James gettin in some cardio
  • The Hernandez family arrives
  • 17 geese stroll by
  • Steamahs
  • Dick showin us some of the lobsters 1 comment
  • ~40 2+ lb lobster are in this cooler
  • Kari shows Mo a lobster
  • Bags

A Myers family reunion on a lake in Maine with the Reynolds family.

More info in this blog: Maine

Photos taken in July, 2015 in Lincoln County, Freeport, Woolwich, Edgecomb, Boothbay Harbor, and Southport, Maine

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