The patio / shed remodel

  • The "shed" space below the four seasons porch and deck. Will be totally rebuilt and awesome.
  • Another shot of the "shed" space below the deck and four-seasons porch...
  • The awkward "shed" is cleaned out to make way for a covered patio.
  • The view from the walk-out basement
  • The view from the walk-out basement
  • The old patio "shed" situation
  • First glimpse of the outdoors from the rec room
  • Patio posts on posts on posts
  • Happy Easter.
  • Now... To this patio back together.
  • 2/3 done with 1 layer of this patio ceiling...
  • got the patio ceiling covered with rigid foam. fixed (and moved) the bathroom vent. and got every...
  • Plywood goin up
  • Hacked together these little panel lifts... Not perfect, but they're getting the job done.
  • Almost got the back yard patio put together
  • Spent the day wrappin this here patio beam... Almost done. Almost able to enjoy this space! 5 comments
  • Cafe lights up
  • Patio fans and speakers installed
  • This area below our dining room and deck used to be a makeshift boat storage shed... I've still g... 4 comments

At one point this was a patio behind the walk-out basement. Then, it was converted into a make-shift, poorly built shed... which we are turning back into a patio.

Photos taken from October, 2015 to June, 2017 in Des Moines, Iowa

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