Thirty Five

  • Slammin a dewsk in the shower. #VoteBroox 4 comments
  • Birthday brunch
  • Birthday brunch with kbroox
  • Got all these fools together again!
  • Chuck hangin loose
  • Gabbin
  • Nathan stuff
  • Helping Jeff order at the Iowa Tap Room
  • Helping Jeff order
  • The Locust Tap
  • Shootin pool at the Locust Tap
  • In a bind
  • Sometimes it's good to celebrate your losses
  • Helping Nathan
  • Tetris time
  • Chutes and Ladders
  • The riverwalk
  • The way out
  • Just doin what normal dudes in their 30s do at 2 AM
  • View from the pool deck
  • Birthday gifts
  • When your buddies are just excited about your new grill
  • Birthday Cake Vodka. Great. Thanks, Arty!
  • Foos time
  • Foos time
  • Ditchin the party for the hot tub
  • "You've never had watermelon??? Can I feed you your first piece of watermelon!?"
  • Sam's first bite of watermelon
  • Dudes super excited that she's diving in for seconds
  • Red lights on. Shirts off.
  • Goodnight!
  • Oh boy

A few random photos from my 35th birthday weekend and the inaugural party at our new house.

Photos taken in August, 2016 in Des Moines, Iowa

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