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  • Tattoo - This is one of the coolest gifts I've ever given. Leather work gloves tattooed by Paul Nycz
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Dos Zen Tattoos

zoinks! So Friday I got 2 more hours of ink on my back. My crown should be completely done in about 1 more session, hurrah! I can't wait to have a finished tattoo. When it's done I should have around 8 hours in it... read more

Wet Healing a Tattoo

Hopefully I'm not speaking too soon on this one, but my second round of tattooing is healing a million times better than the first. I'm pretty sure this is completely due to a new healing process that I'm trying called Wet Healing. Let me back track and talk about my first session, I was told to shower the night of the tattoo, then to keep it dry (no water), but moisturize with lotion 3 times daily until the scabs come off. At that point I could wash it, etc. It seemed simple enough, however the dark/heavy shading scabbed horribly... read more
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