7am. No Sleep and Bloody Knuckles posted

It has taken me 4 days to build up the energy to blog about last weekend, seriously.

Friday, Josh and Jeff were supposed to meet up at my house at 6... 6:30 at the latest. However when Josh told me that he wanted to take a route that he had never been (while attempting to never touch an interstate), I knew it'd be bad. At one point he was talking to me after he'd crossed into Iowa, 15 minutes later he called again and was back in Minnesota. Later in the trip he got lost again, but his cell phone was dead so he called, while plugged into the ceiling of a gas station. He finally showed up around 7:30. Wingert is never on time, no matter what. He got there around 9 and was immediately greeted with a snowball to the ear.

So finally we get to our party at Aura, which started a night of insanity. Running around between Aura, Vieux Carre (ew), Third Base, Royale Mile, and some late night pizza. Finally we ended up at some house party in Altoona until I laid my head on my pillow at 7am. This is the latest I've ever been out in DSM - I saw the sunrise, wtf. The highlight of this night I think was the 100 lb punching bag at the house party. Hitting that thing until my knuckles bled was the most liberating thing ever, haha. Now I want one badly. It felt good - real good.

After a few hours of sleep we hung out, went out for sushi and started the night again. At least my head hit the pillow at the ripe hour 4am this time.

It was a crazy weekend in Des Moines. Crazier than normal. I suppose that happens when Josh and Jeff are in town. Bring on Bockfest.



  • 14 years later and we're still doing it :)

    Jeff Wingert posted