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Today, I saw a car with a window sticker that said, “behind every bad bitch is a car seat.” it was really cool.

I ate ONE piece of asparagus and my PEE SMELLS LIKE PISS

Sabbatical starrrrts... now! I'm takin a month off to do some camping, hang with Kari, visit friends, and have friends visit me. Stoked!
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Having your power go out on your last day of work before vacay invokes complex feelings. Many things to wrap up, but… vacation starts early?
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  • Fancy boi
  • The ride
  • Feels good, man
  • Neighbors stopped by. Benny used this as an opportunity to annoy Nick

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2020 - That quarantine life

My goals for 2020 were to:

Covid really helped me nail three of those, hah. But with nowhere to go, I didn’t get on the bike nearly as often as I wanted.

So first of all, Kari and I were incredibly fortunate to have steady work, income, and a spacious home and yard during this pandemic. I absolutely feel for everyone that had their pay scaled back or eliminated, or were cooped up in apartments or city spaces without being able to fully enjoy their local amenities.

The only way that I knew how to stay sane in isolation was to be outside and stay as busy as possible on projects, so I started the pandemic with a lot of yard work and small house projects. Then, we eventually realized how much money we'd been saving by not traveling or going out, so we... read more

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Hi, I'm Derek Brooks

I'm a 39.86 year old midwestern American who enjoys engineering, traveling, partying, and extremish sports.

Most of my life's latest happenings are on this page, but you can also check out what I'm up to today and what I did yesterday.

If you'd like to know a little more about me you can check out my bio - and don't forget to check out my photos!

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