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  • I know how you kids like em extra sloppy
  • Kari’s mom sends lemons. Kari makes limoncello.
  • Snow fire
  • OCD. Trails.

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I love tweeting words. 6,058. 6/6/6. ✅

Anyone else think it’s weird that everyone talks about covid until they get covid? Then it becomes secret city.
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Made it home from Chicago in under 5 hours and found quite a winter wonderland. Holy buckets of snow.

Spontaneous trip to Chicago to watch a Bulls game with @harper during a snow storm and covid surge? …I’ve done dumber things
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2021 - The Big Disappointment

2021 was the year that was supposed to be normal again.

I really thought that we would get together and beat this pandemic, but nope. 2021 was somehow worse than 2020, at least for me.

The disappointment was real.

The depression was real.

The loneliness was real.


I was born and raised in the middle of nowhere and have always been sort of a lone-wolf nerd with close friends that were few and far between.

In elementary school, one of my best buddies died in an accident. I found another best friend in junior high, a couple more in high school, some in college, and a few more after... but with the past couple years of this pandemic coming after several years of working remotely, having most of my best friends living across the country, being pre-occupied with families, or just laying low... nearly everyone in life feels like an acquaintanc... read more


Hi, I'm Derek Brooks

I'm a 40.46 year old midwestern American who enjoys engineering, traveling, partying, and extremish sports.

Most of my life's latest happenings are on this page, but you can also check out what I'm up to today and what I did yesterday.

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