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Finally took our Christmas tree down.. because my Christmas home automation scenes shut down on January 15th.
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Rock n roll, sushis, beer, and @kbroox. I love Fridays with this woman.
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It’s important to throw on the Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here album every once in a while.. and listen to what a p… t.co/56dPkfZJLA
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2020 - That quarantine life

My goals for 2020 were to:

Covid really helped me nail three of those, hah. But with nowhere to go, I didn’t get on the bike nearly as often as I wanted.

So first of all, Kari and I were incredibly fortunate to have steady work, income, and a spacious home and yard during this pandemic. I absolutely feel for everyone that had their pay scaled back or eliminated, or were cooped up in apartments or city spaces without being able to fully enjoy their local amenities.

The only way that I knew how to stay sane in isolation was to be outside and stay as busy as possible on projects, so I started the pandemic with a lot of yard work and small house projects. Then, we eventually realized how much money we'd been saving by not traveling or going out, so we... read more

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  • Backyard pets
  • I need a bock and a poker
  • Save us
  • Kari's gotten into cross stitching this winter, heh