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Everything is great. We are really doing it. t.co/i70i36oVDm

It is remarkably hard to find a lake house within N miles of home on @Airbnb

I love the feeling of sprinting and not getting anywhere.

Alright fine! I’ll file my taxes already.
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  • Cruisin
  • My first breakfast arepas. Not really that great. V sense. I think I used the wrong kind of flour.
  • Omelet arepa stuff 1 comment
  • Trying to make breakfast arepas

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Two Thousand Nineteen

A few weeks into 2020 and I’m still not sure how I feel about 2019. The entire year felt like remodeling and travel... which turned out to be a lot less chill and a lot less healthy than I had hoped for.


I started small by tiling a window ledge in my office.

Then, I remodeled the entire basement (with a little help on the plumbing, flooring, tile, and drywall). I replaced (and finished) every door, piece of trim, plumbing fixture, light fixture, switch, cabinet, and repainted every square inch. We also upgraded a lot of furniture in the process. The whole thing took much longer than I'd planned, but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out and am really happy that it's done.

I also remodeled the garage... Removed some bulky cabinets, added insulation, a sink, an EV outlet, more lighting and fans and painted the whole thing. We also had the floor epoxied to... read more


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