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anyone have recs for a small footprint coffee maker that makes a solid couple pours? we don't drink coffee in our house but i just wanna have something nice around for guests.

I just love that this is the slogan for our 89 year old senator’s re-election campaign. “Eh, he works,” lol.

Let’s get some younger folks in office, please.

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My First Hole-in-One

I grew up playing golf, but fell out of the game for work and other priorities. I'd been wanting to get back into it, but kept procrastinating. So, when my friend Ben asked me to join him for 9 holes to celebrate his 40th birthday at Glen Oaks, I thought… here's my chance.

At first, I was a bit intimidated and hesitant to have my first round in 8 years be at a fancy country club. I didn't even have clothes to pass dress code, but I figured this would be a great way to dive in head first and get back out there. So, I quickly went shopping and got a few practice swings in at the driving range.

On Ben's birthday, I showed up to find him sipping on a Miami Vice cocktail with his buddy and business partner, Ben Sinclair. This immediately set …

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@mg @broox This is the answer.
Honestly a Nespresso Vertuo does a great job for that. The pods stay fresh, and are recyclable. Always easy to operate.
Why don't you marry it?
@jeffrey @broox I came here to tweet this 👆🏽majority rules