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Donda is a lot better when you’re in a dark place… but it still drives me crazy that it’s censored. wtf.
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I’m on a 52-week Peloton yoga streak! I really miss the gym/studio, but this at-home program has been perfect for the apocalypse.

I got out to do some camping with a couple of my best buddies this weekend. It was much needed. t.co/eIb5MpfaaI

Our dog died this morning. The past ~13 hours have been hard as shit. I put it all out on my blog: t.co/NK4c5IhWDS
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Benny the Butthole's Short Life

Last night, around midnight, our dog, Benny became pretty restless. He started moving about the bedroom as if he couldn't get comfortable. This was followed by incessant panting and pacing about the house. He'd had a bit of restlessness the night before, so we didn't think anything of it at first.

But it kept up for quite a bit, so I tried to think about what was different that day. I'd kegged some homebrew earlier and spilt a bit of the filtered trub onto the floor. As he does with everything edible that falls within his range, he quickly lapped it up... and he's lapped up a bit of spilt beer before, so I didn't think anything of it. But I googled homebrew + dogs and found that hops can be very toxic for dogs. This particular homebrew had lots of dry hopping, so the stuff he lapped up, no doubt had some amount of hop particles in it. It wasn't much, b... read more

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