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Watching my dog attempt to catch wasps in his mouth invokes a rollercoaster of emotions.

I played sand volleyball tonight, gonna meet with a bunch of startups tomorrow, my birthday is Thursday, I’m having… t.co/eNmC6khTUo

Just dropped by my car dealership for service. The showroom is completely empty because they put every vehicle outs… t.co/BrSfsgWGSb

The internet is fuckin weird, man

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Benny's Juicer

So, Kari subscribes to this weird service that sends her random home/beauty/gym stuff every month. A couple weeks ago her package came with a juicer... but we already have a juicer. So she was gonna give it away.

The next day, I found the juicer in Benny’s bed, so I asked Kari if she decided to just give it to the dog instead. She didn't. He apparently just found it laying in Kari's mud room locker and claimed it.

So, now Benny’s just running around the house. Proud as shit. With his new favorite toy.

A juicer.

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