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My friend @BENovator invited me to play golf at a private club this week. I looked up the dress code…

Not Permitted: Short shorts, cutoff shorts, cargo shorts, athletic wear, swimwear, and T-shirts.

Someone is gonna need to dress me. Plz help.

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Joining and Leaving PayPal

I recently decided to leave PayPal so that I could take a few months off and recharge.

Here's how I got to where I'm at...

2013-2015: Building Modest

Building a startup is quite an experience. In our situation, it was even more strange because we had a team of 4 with a nice chunk of funding before we even knew what to build. So, we spent ~6 months flipping back and forth between ideating and contracting while we figured things out.

Once we got the idea to build a contextual, mobile-focused commerce platform, we moved fast. In a couple years, we grew the team from 4 to a little over twenty and had some solid initial clients. We built a full-fledged commerce API, a couple web apps, JS SDKs, mobile SDKs, white label mobile apps, …

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