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This is how Jesus wanted us to be. t.co/VvaSdvnBcU
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Football makes no sense. The whole game is so dumb, hahah.
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I use phones like a boomer now
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Do you pronounce jpeg with a hard j or a soft j?
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The alligator in the woods

A few weeks ago, Josh, Jeff, and I went camping at Lake Okoboji. We booked a campsite in a completely unreserved loop on the far edge of a state park. We had the entire area to ourselves, which is always a good idea when our group gets together.

The trip was great. Bullshitting. Disc golf. Swimming. Driving the topless Jeep around the lake. Night hikes. Cooking over fires. Beer. Hanging just like old times.

But this story is about Saturday night.

The skies were clear and there was a full moon. So naturally, every time one of us caught a glimpse of the moon we’d belt out a big ol wolf howl… and as you can imagine, the other guys would follow suit like normal ~40 year olds. It was good that we were in that loop all by ourselves.

So, we were just sitting around the fire, taking turns picking music to listen to, bullshitting, havin some beers, solvi... read more

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  • Made some salmon n stuff
  • I love celebrating this girl
  • Pack it up!
  • Shhhhhhh!!!!

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