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"turn it up Brooks! Dixie chicken! Brooks you bitch!" - my my beloved father-in-law
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Basketball would be a lot better if they would get rid of all the whiney boy foul rules.
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I regret drinking that vodka free energy drink at 10pm.

Houses are the worst. Why do we buy them?
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Twenty Eighteen.

I really, really want to bring this suuuuper dated website up-to-date, but I've been so focused on things outside of technology that I haven't devoted any time to broox dot com.

Let's fix that... at least for one blog post.. and talk about last year.

2018 felt incredibly productive.

It started with some fun travel and ended with me literally canceling all travel for the last 4 months and just hangin at home. I got a new job. I built a lot. It was awesome. It was all awesome.


I moved from a Commerce team at PayPal to the Commerce Team at Venmo, which has been much more my speed. They brought me out to Colorado and New York a couple times, which were nice trips, but the best part is: I'm building rad, heavily used stuff with amazing folks again. It feels good to build. Man.

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