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Imagining how much less annoying Iowa would be if we lost the caucus.

We don’t deserve it anyway. We’re not representative of the country.

4 years of long hair and I still haven’t figured out how to wear my hood up properly.

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The End of Free Boi Summer

Retired folks often say that they somehow become busier after they stop working. This year I got a taste of what that meant.

In April, I quit my job to take a break, reset, and enjoy a summer off with my educator wife. Those planned few months turned into 6+ months of "pretirement" and it was incredible.

I wasn't necessarily busier in pretirement, but I was definitely more active and more productive with my own wants. I got to wake up nearly every day and just wing it. I loved it.


I generally felt way better than I did during my typical desk job life. I easily closed my nerd watch rings daily, maintained a healthier weight and my general mood, outlook, and overall mental health was immensely better.

I unexpectedly found golf …

Last seen in Des Moines, Iowa

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Tell Rhonda thanks.
Aw, I was just kiddin. That was the best/most childish comeback that I had ready.

I’m really just jealous cause my webcam mic sucks. I also hate headsets.
Don’t want to wear a headset all day, and I’ve gotten feedback that the webcam mic sounds clearer than the built-in one or a headset 🤷‍♂️