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last night, in an attempt to not be fat butts, kari and i ordered a medium pizza instead of our usual large, but...… t.co/bhMNat6IZI

The software that powers Range Rover infotainment systems is some of the buggiest shit I've ever seen. It is unreal.
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... that feelin when you pull your brand new, stupid ass, cell phone out of your back pocket to find the screen is split.

Just kegged the latest homebrews. A super tasty Belgian pale, and a strawberry milkshake IPA. One of the most interesting beers we've made.
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  • It's broomball season!
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  • It's a workshop party
  • Kari's towels

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Marv Hardisty

At the end of my senior year of college, I drove out to this country road to make a phone call. There was a spot on the edge of this cornfield that I always went to for important calls (without being interrupted by one of my crazy dorm mates).

I was making a call to Marv Hardisty because I'd interviewed for a position on his team a couple weeks prior and wanted to check in. It was for my first potential, big corporate job after college and Marv would've been my boss's boss if I landed the gig.

Once Marv got on the phone, the first thing he wanted to talk about was the portfolio of work on my personal website. He told me that he was impressed, but was especially interested in brooksfsw.com. As soon as he asked about it, my heart immediately dropped, and I thought, "welp, there's no way I'm getting this gig now."

Brooksfsw was an old, Soap Shoes / "freestyle walking" website of mine ... read more

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