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Trump is holding a rally just down the street from my house tomorrow. Plz advise on how best to participate

Had a 35 yard chip in birdie tonight in boys club golf league. Botched the last 2 holes with mega bogeys. What a game. Very fun.

I ordered food from Jimmy John’s about 5 mins ago and then apparently just went on lunchtime autopilot because I just checked the microwave for it…

It was not there.

Got ghosted by a dude that I hired to clean some dead limbs out of our giant pine tree.

Decided to climb the damn thing and do it myself, which was a bit sketchy, but i got it done and felt victorious until I discovered globs of sap all in my hairs. lolcry.

Woke up early and drove 2 cars to Grimes to drop one off for a windshield replacement… only to find that they deleted our reservation and don’t have our windshield in stock. Great.

The dude in line behind me at the sandwich shop keeps pronouncing turkey breast “turkey breest” and no one knows wtf he wants.

Madison farmers market: many cheeses, breads, syrups, and a woman who dropped her pistol on the street and casually picked it up like it was a cell phone.

I am at an old steak house that has escargot, frog legs, venison, rabbit and walleye on the menu.

I think I’ve been to more states this year than I have in any other year. 13, so far.

Welp, see ya later.

The Ozark National forest is beautiful.

I hate to say it, but Missouri and Arkansas both seem to have quite a bit more to offer than Iowa.