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My friend @BENovator invited me to play golf at a private club this week. I looked up the dress code…

Not Permitted: Short shorts, cutoff shorts, cargo shorts, athletic wear, swimwear, and T-shirts.

Someone is gonna need to dress me. Plz help.

There are pros and cons of rarely getting together with one of your best buddies…

Pro: seeing your best buddy.
Con: the impending morning.

Free boi summer week 2: Hung with friends. Cleaned cars. Got Jeep naked. Hacked a bit… and thoughts of consulting have already crossed my mind. 😬

Must. Resist.

I think it’s really cool when rappers talk about the brands of clothing that they wear.

Today, I learned that if you pull up to a spot (e.g. physical therapy) in a bright/fun car and say that you don’t have a job… you’re really opening the floodgates for interrogation.

I hope that you took advantage of the opportunity to tell a good mom joke today. Also, thanks to all the mommies for being moms and doing mommy things.

Free boi summer week 1: got over covid + tuned up lawnmower and camper + new dog hangs + yardwork + camping + barely touched a computer + way more active. felt awesome.