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Kari and I were just reminiscing about how our college cafeteria had a smoking section…
We are from the olden days.

Alright, back to my regular scheduled program of not giving a shit about basketball.

(but for real, watching Caitlin and those Iowa women play has been fun as shit)

Doctors in the US healthcare system are bullshit. Every treatment feels like a stab in the dark attempt at relief without ever attempting to find and address the root cause.

Over the past couple months, I’ve felt older than ever… which I guess makes sense, because I am.

But I am not enjoying it.

Dearest @Spotify, why in the ever loving fuck do you not automatically switch over to cached/downloaded songs when data services are too poor to continue streaming? We shouldn’t have to turn airplane mode on just to listen to downloaded music while traveling through rural areas.

I just blew it at the Arizona regional golf qualifier for the big prestigious international tournament

i70 to highway 128 into Moab is one of the most beautiful drives that I’ve driven.

Winding roads alongside the Colorado River, through the Rocky Mountains, Glenwood Canyon, and massive red mesas and buttes.

Shit is spiritual.

I applied for Global Entry over a year ago, February 2023, and just now got an email that I’ve been approved for an interview.

The only places currently accepting appointments for an interview are in Arizona, California, Michigan, and Texas.

What an efficient program.