This is a collection of 19,296 things that my ADHD mind has puked out over the last 16.33 years.

Check out my latest entries below, some of my top remarks or some things that I love or wish for.


House. Firewood rack. Foundation. Yard. Golf. Work. Weekends. Camping. Bronco. Selling Jeep. Driveway expansion. Patio. Staining cedar. Friends. Dog. Website. Drywall. HVAC. Paint. Weddings. Landscaping. Spring cleanup. Taxes. Bills. Global entry. Repeat.
- my brain. all night.

Kim Reynolds continues to pass hateful, regressive laws. I really do not like her being in charge.

I can’t stop thinking about how rad New Mexico was during last week’s road trip.

It was like a little Colorado with more indigenous culture…

I wanna visit again.

Driving cross country in a vehicle with adaptive cruise and lane keeping is much nicer than driving cross country in a 2-door solid axle Jeep without those things.

Last night I laid in bed for 9 hours and slept for 3. I hope y’all don’t live in your heads the way I live in mine.

So anyway, I just got to Colorado. Where’s the Indica at?

Kari says that my tweets are too negative… so, I just wanna say that I had a good time with buds last weekend, I’m goin to dinner with more buds rn, and we’re headin south for spring break next week… Oh, and we just noticed that Kari’s fucking windshield is broken.

Today, I broke my fav sunglasses frames… after I just put some brand new prescription lenses in them. Fun times.

Currently driving down a city street with five dudes in a truck blaring enigma’s return to innocence with the windows down and a couple random people hitching a ride on the running boards and singing along