AHHH! I got backed into posted

So this woman driving an Intrepid totally backed into me today. It sucks. It totally busted my bumper so it's not at all fixable, and rolled my fender under the wheel well. It may have put a couple stress cracks in my headlights also. I have not had good luck with my car lately.
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  • That goes to show you who wins when an Eclipse takes on an Intrepid. Ass to your face brother, sorry to hear. Did you hurt your neck, I think you hurt yourself didn't you?

    nathan posted

  • /me bitch slaps Mrs. Intrepid. Is her insurance covering a new body kit?

    Kevi posted

  • ha good luck with a DSM are you kidding me. you know my story. if her insurance does cover it make sure you find every single problem thats how i got a 1900 check and fixed my damage for 400 and got my engine.

    Marc posted

  • ummm she fucked up both an interpid and a talon...she must get the Death Penalty.

    cliff posted


    will ferrell posted

  • At least the motherfucker didn't take off.

    r00 posted

  • i love insurance fraud.

    Harper posted