Another Birthday and Wedding posted

Whoops, I forgot that I have a web site to write on. A lot has happened lately - tons of wedding planning, Kari had a birthday, Aaron, got married, and I've been having fun.

We ate a lot of nice food for Kari's birthday, I got her a K2 Skyla snowboard, and a Tiffany bracelet. I'm excited to snowboard with her. Maybe she will be better at that than inline skating, haha.

We also went to Aaron's wedding in Canton. It was a ton of fun, we goofed around alot, you know. plus they had the sweetest little towny bar next to our hotel called Josie B's. We had a blast there - Ben rules (he even gave us a penguin sign). Other than that, it was pretty weird being in a wedding 2 weeks before ours. It definitely got a lot of things going through my head. I'm excited. I can't believe I get married next week.

That said, things are crazy and I am so broke it is insane. Take my advice. If you want to get married, save up like $15,000-$20,000 - even if parents are paying for your wedding. The honeymoon, gifts, rings, little b.s. stuff. It adds up like crazy. Seriously.

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I need a haircut.

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