Another State Fair posted

Kari and I went to the Iowa State Fair again last night. It's still the same. Every year, we seriously do the exact same things, but whatever Kari loves it. Here's how it goes.

You have to...
· get fresh squeezed lemonade
· get a turkey leg
· get grilled corn on the cob
· see stuff made out of butter (particularly the cow)
· check out the art exhibits
· get home made root beer
· get salt water taffy
· see the varied industries
· ride the double ferris wheel
· ride the sky lift back to your car

Sometimes I get to see a couple new things. Like dominoes, International's new truck, Tiger Woods, and a clock I really want. It's amazing to me that this fair was ranked in the "top 10 places America goes to have fun" by USA Weekend. Not only is it ranked in the top 10, it's ranked number 2 - right behind Las Vegas, haha. Stupid USA Weekend.