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Another weekend at home. This is getting a bit out of hand.

So yeah, it was pretty laid back. Zach and Amy came over to play ping pong, eat pizza and hang out on Friday. It was a fun time. Then Nathan and I met Chuck at stix where we had a $50 bar tab which we were not charged for, yesss. We didn't even drink much, we just drank expensive... and ordered more pizza. Service like that is hard to find, I just wish it came more easily at a place like Aura.

Saturday, Kari's parents visited. Kari and Teresa shopped while Jeff and I made some Porter and Dark Belgian Ale, mmm. I'm excited. I think we're getting a lot better at brewing. Now we just need to streamline - a 10-15 gallon pot, gas powered cooker, and a wort chilling device. Then we could really rock it. I also had Outback Steakhouse for the first time in like 7 years. That place is pretty good, I totally forgot.

I also got new tires for my car this weekend, weeee. So now I'm riding smoother and will be able to drive when it snows. Now all I need is... front and rear rotors, front and rear brake pads, left-inner tie rod ends, right-outer tie rod ends, a timing belt, and a new car. Then I'll be ship shape.

So because of all that, Kari and I are now too broke to afford our snowboard trip to Colorado. Weak. So we're trying to plan a mini snowboard trip in southern Minnesota. Any suggestions? Afton Alps, Welch Village, Mount Kato?
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  • Come to Mount Kato and stay at my house. It's only like an hour away. That'd be cheap.

    Josh posted

  • I find it hilarious that a hill in minnesota would call itself the "Alps". Apparently they've never seen pictures of Austria or Switzerland.

    alexei posted

  • $10 says they have.

    derek posted

  • I wouldn't take Josh's'll end up in a drift again.

    Rico posted