515 Alive

So Des Moines puts on this annual festival called 515 Alive. I decided to give it a shot this year and it was surprisingly really cool. First we (Nick, Nicole, Kari, Kevi, and I) checked out the bmx / skateboarding setup... which was pretty lame. They only had 1 spine and 1 fun box. Both of which had obviously been sitting in some dude's back yard or something - made out of plywood, no coping, and a huge lip to get over. Their was no way that a skateboard could even get onto the ramp.. poor skateboarders. Plus most of the bikers were just stalling on their back peg or wheel. So this part made me sad...

We also watched some grafitti artists and breakdancers. Then we walked around to different venues and outdoor stages watching DJs. This dude at the lift was dropping some great stuff. Plus DJ Rukkus was awesome - excellent turntablist. Then DJ Swamp came on.... wow. Like, He is so so so good.

So yeah, besides that... Chuck hit on girls and we all had fun.

written by 22 year old Derek Brooks

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