Amy and B Vaughan's Wedding

Geez man. I am really bad at this.

It's been like 2 weeks now, but I definitely need to blog this event.

So yeah, a couple weeks ago we went over to Chicago for Amy and B Vaughan's wedding. We started by meeting our hotel roomie (Tara) at the Lisle Hyatt. You know, that long, skinny Hyatt that i88 almost runs into just outside of Chicago. So we got ready, and then took shuttles (great idea for the party that was about to take place) over to the wedding.

Kari was, of course, super excited to see her friends... and I have to admit I was too. Kari at weddings is hilarious. She can hardly contain herself during the ceremony because she's so freakin excited for the reception.

So the wedding and reception were at this place in Naperville called the Danada House, which appeared to be a fancy mansion turned reception hall. It was quite a cool spot.

The ceremony was nice and short, followed by a cocktail/hors d'oeuvres hour, then of course the reception. There were about 3 tables of Cornellians, which was awesome - but Kari, Tara, and I somehow got sat at the table of people we didn't know, haha. It was kinda wack, but the ridiculous amount of family style food kept us entertained. And during that meal, Amy's dad Biff, gave the typical father-of-the-bride speech. He joked that his speech was 10 pages long, we laughed - he was serious. Biff talked (and sort of roasted B Vaughan) until his wife unplugged his microphone - 45 minutes into the speech, haha.

After that, we danced, drank, and danced until midnight when the hotel shuttles picked us up and took us back. Once back at the hotel, Tara and I crashed into what appeared to be a "C and G"er wedding. Then we, of course, had an afterparty in our room.... which was soon broken up by our snaggle toothed hotel manager. So everyone hung out in the hotel lobby/bar until we all finally crashed.

So yeah, it was a really nice wedding/reception that was amplified by the fact that we had so many college friends present. I had a great time. ...and I'm sure you've seen the pics already.
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