And now for something completely different...

So, I haven't really blogged about life in over a month. It started out that I was overwhelmingly busy. It sucked. Then I became even busier.

So, now that I'm back down to semi-normal busy-ness again, let's bring everyone up to speed.

-Sometime back in March, Kari and I met some friends at a cabin in north eastern Iowa. It was a great time. No cell phone, no internet. I really want to do it again but with nicer weather... maybe summer, fall, even winter - just not muddy.
-I got kari's car all fixed up. New Tires, windshield, and fog light (she tailgates like none other).
-I "upgraded" to a Mosso account for my web sites, which I would slowly move off of my old server as time allowed. It was a dumb project to start in the midst of all my other projects.
-Worked a lot on some Truespin Projects - which I need to get back to.
-Mom visited, we toured the Iowa state captial building.
-Jeff and Iulia visited and we went to Gross Domestic Product. It wasn't as big as last year, but it was still a good time.
-Easter happened, we had Kari's family over. Taki, grilling, beer, ya know.
-I worked a lot on my bar, which will hopefully be done someday.
-My old server died, which KILLED me. It forced me to nearly drop everything and frantically save everyone's sites. The good thing is that it also forced me to get everyone onto Mosso and not doink around.
-Kari got offered a newer, better, and higher paying job. woooooo!
-Kevi visited for some super modified bachelor partying.
-I finally got a blue tooth headset (thanks Jeff, haha).

And in case I don't blog again for a while, here's what's next...

-Heavy Truespin work.
-Fixing up some more domains on the Mosso box(es).
-Finishing the bar.
-Having a "new bar" party?
-Playing in some full ice broomball tournaments.
-Matt and Jody's wedding in Minneapolis.
-Pioneer is sending me to Orlando for RFID conference.
-A few friends' birthdays.
-And a visit to Mt Vernon is in store.
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