Cornell and a Wedding

Man, my weeks are getting so busy that it takes til thursday to blog about the past weekend, ha. Or maybe it's because I actually work at Red 5 and can't blog at work like I used to. Either way, it's a good thing. But I do sorta feel bad for not journaling as well.

So anyway, as you may have gathered from photos or tweets, Kari and I visited Mt Vernon last Friday for Cornell Homecoming. And on top of homecoming, it was also my "5 year college reunion." Yeah, we have college reunions at Cornell and yeah that is funny... but - I love visiting that school. Especially when people I know are there. And that, there was.

All the familiar faces basically put me into happy friend mode. Nearly everyone that I recognized from college, I talked to - even if I had only talked to them a couple times or even if I last talked to that person on bad terms. Hell, I even hugged them. It was awesome. I really had a good time catching up. And now that we're 5 years out of college, it seems like everyone is getting their lives figured out. Very cool.

So, aside from seeing peeps, it was just fun being in Mt Vernon. Kari and I walked around the campus a bit, got food in the Ratt, ate at Lincoln Cafe, etc. Every bar in Mount Vernon (which is only 2 right now) has built patios for peeps to smoke on. I really like how this smoking ban has forced everyone to build awesome patios.

And now that my 5 year is over, I can't wait to go back next year for Kari's reunion, ha. Anyone wanna resurrect the no-fly zone?

Alright, so on Saturday we had to be back in Des Moines for Luke and Mindy's wedding. And If you know Luke or Mindy, you'll know that they've got style - and you'd probably expect a pretty unique and awesome wedding. That it was. From hoodie tuxes and a turntablist DJ to an east village warehouse space and fire alarms. It was a really nice night. I just wish I would've taken more photos, cause it was a great event in a great spot with great people. And, of course, it's always nice seeing great couples get married. great, great, great.

Here are my Cornell Pics and Wedding Pics.
I would love to be a part of that stupidity. Get Josh down here and Cassie too. That way everything will be in place for awesomeness.

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