is mine!

I've been trying to get since I was in college. It's belonged to a canadian by the name of... wait for it - Derek Brooks since like 2001. I remember e-mailing a few times trying to get him to give it to me... but obviously that didn't work out.

At first was basically a resume for my like-named friend, then it became a wedding info site for family - and then - he apparently let it die. Maybe he took his wife's surname, ha.

So randomly last night, I was seeing how I did in search engine results by searching for broox, derek brooks, etc. I found some new broox sites, like kite aerial photography at and a sweet skateboard company at So I then hopped over to to see all the registered broox.* domains, then I checked derekbrooks.* and, wtf! Did I spell my name wrong? It's available???

I seriously checked the spelling on my name like 38 times - I swore that I typed it wrong, but nope. It was there, in all its glory.

I really have been trying to get this domain since 2001. So I checked the whois information to find out wtf was up and found the site had just expired. I then googled and it came up on tons of lists for "good domains to buy." I'm lucky a spam/ad site didn't grab it.

So, I quick called Wells Fargo Fraud Protection (for some annoying reason they block all of my transactions to Joker) to tell them to open my card up for a European transaction and snatched up Weee!

So... I don't really know what to do with it yet. Currently it's just aliasing but dammit, I finally own my name dot com!

written by 26 year old Derek Brooks

yes!!! thats awesome.

zach posted

That's stellar. I recently read an article online that parents of infant children are buying their kids domain names before they can even feed themselves so that they are reserved for their adult life. Crazy.

tia posted

totally radicalness

not dexer brooxs posted

Sergeant Stockwell's Wicked Underground Country Music Fest

derek posted

Nice. Now I've made a public spelling error in front of the only other Ben Stockwell I know.

I promise I know how to spell "apparently."

Looks like we have nothing else in common though...bummer. Next time I'm in the Twin Cities, I gotta look that guy up!

ben posted

totally dudical!

neither dexter briks posted

Damn...I looked up hoping it would be something's gay porn...just kidding.

Rico posted

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