Dipity Doo Dah!

So a lot of you have probably heard by now - I started a new job last week. I've actually been contracting for this company part-time since the beginning of the year, but last week marks the start of me going full-time for a San Francisco based startup called Dipity.

This whole process sorta started last November when Harper introduced me to a dude named Derek Dukes - the CEO of Dipity. After a bit of conversation, he had me talk to some of his team, they gave me a couple programming tests, and actually offered me a full-time position. Getting that offer was super exciting, but I wasn't quite ready to jump into the startup world. So, I opted to stick around at Red Five and do some part-time contracting for Dipity. This Spring however, Derek came back with the offer again - I was ready this time.

So, Dipity's business is focusing on how data relates to time and displaying that information in a fun way - which is primarily via our fancy javascript-based timeline widget. The data for these timelines is generated via users, companies we partner with, and our trending topic crawlers. If you know much about me or my web site, you know how much I love interesting data and how that data relates to time and location. Dipity is a great fit.

On top of all that, I get to work with a small group of very smart/talented people (most of which are ex-yahoo employees... actually, Derek was the 6th Yahoo employee - wtf). But the point is - I'm very excited to learn from and with these guys.

Another awesome thing about this opportunity is that I'm currently the only full-time engineer. The other main engineer, Ben, is also working on some outside projects so he basically handed over the reigns, which means I'll get to do a lot of creative development - he's totally gonna regret that. ;)

So that's pretty much that. I guess the last cool thing I should mention is that I get to work from home... and travel to San Francisco quarterly.

Needless to say, this new Dipity thing is very exciting for me. Now, if I can just talk Derek into handing over that derek [at] dipity email address. ;)

UPDATE: Check out Dipity's blog post about me joining the team: http://ow.ly/17wl55
CS != engineer

an engineer posted

other than that correction, good luck with the new job

an engineer posted

So you're saying that rather than an Application Engineer, I should be a Computer Science? It might be too late, but I'll see if I can get my business cards changed. ;)

derek posted

i think people with engineering degrees get pissy if other people call themselves engineers...which is hilarious

nick posted

Welcome Derek! Having you on the job is great for Dipity.

zs engineer posted

Congrats, Derek!!! We are VERY happy for you; it sounds like a perfect fit.

Vicki posted

That was a nice into from Dipity about you! Mom is Proud of you :) Sounds like perfect job for you... pretty cool that you get to travel to San Fransico quarterly ! :)

Mom posted

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