Drive, Party, Demo, Drive

So, this weekend I went to Chicago for a few minutes, which will put an end to a month straight of weekends I was out of town - without Kari, haha. Rochester, Minneapolis, Orlando, and Chicago. Traveling without Kari was a little weird, a little lame, but also nice. We both enjoy time with each other as much as we enjoy time without each other. However, 4 weeks in a row may be a little excessive... So this weekend, I am in Des Moines! Where Kari, her fam, and I will eat sushi, watch movies, drink homebrew, and love life.

And now for a recap of Chicago.

I drove straight there - no need to drop off Ninja, no tolls, etc. It ruled so much, and seemed like a super short drive - especially after that Orlando trip. And now I'm to the point where I can just drive straight to Harper's place, which is exciting. I don't need a map/directions/anything. So I rolled in around 10, then Harper and I went to Underdog where we had hotdogs and met Clock. It was actually my first time ever meeting her, haha. See, I sorta met her a couple years ago when Harper invited her to #corporate, but now I've really met her.

Anyway, we went to Tumans where we heard a hip hop DJ and met up with Tag, James, and Marisol. Then we ran over to Liars Club where we heard some hot new pop songs, saw lots of fez hats, and a dude who apparently dances completely naked everytime that one Nelly song comes on. I mean - completely naked. After that we closed down Cobra where we listened to metal, punched each other in the nuts, hung out, etc. And lastly, guess where we went? We went to this place called Crobar, hung out with RH Matt, saw girls dance, flexed muscles, etc.

Overall it was a great time - except for that stupid stupid gigantic pizza we ate outside of Crobar. Some company was selling huge pizza out of a truck, which may seem like a bad idea. But 90% of the time at 3am, food sold out of some random vehicle is AWESOME. And it was - at 3am... but about 5 hours later my stomach hated me. So did Harper's, I bet Clock's did too.

So yeah, I woke up at 9, got ready, drove to my Heelys demo, where I found out that the demo didn't start for another hour. Which I would have known had my phone not been dead. See, I forgot my charger, and I apparently drained my battery almost completely before I even got to Chicago, which was SUPER annoying. However, I figured out a new power saving technique which involves not leaving your phone cam on for hours in your pocket.

Anyway, I slept in my car for an hour, Henson showed up, we went in to find out the demo didn't start for like an hour after that, haha. So we ran around, defecated pizza, bought another car charger for my phone, listened to Too Short, etc. Finally the demo started, which RULED. We did a Heelys demo at a roller rink, haha. It was seriously a great demo, one of the best Heelys ones I've done. Plus we are doing some cross-promo with the movie "Employee of the Month." So we got a bunch of gear from the movie, it was fun. Hopefully we can go to the premiere.

So here is how my weekend broke down. 5 hours to Chicago, 6 hours of partying, 4 hours of sleeping, 4 hours of nothing, 3 hours of demo, and 5 hours back to Des Moines. Saturday Night I slept, and Sunday we went to Vicki's for my cousin Ethan's 11th B-day party, which is weird because I keep forgetting that my cousins get older. I still tell people they are like 6, 9, and 11. But they're really more like 11, 13, and 15 (maybe). But yeah,that was a nice time. I got to hang out with fam, see my grandparents, etc.

Hopefully I get paid from all these demos soon....
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