Do you skateboard, snowboard, inline skate, ride bmx, soap, or ride scooters? If you do any of these things and love doing it... let me know. Comment on this section along with what sport you're part of, and include your email address. This could be huge.

    written by 20 year old Derek Brooks

    hey derek whats up.

    well any way i aggressive skate and i soap.

    i have skated for about 7 yrs. and soaped for 3.

    soaping is the shit. peace. -zach

    Zach Larson posted

    i inline skate, freestyle bmx, soap, skooter, aggressive skate and i snowboarded a few times

    Alex G posted

    i blade. ive bladed about 5 years. dunno

    dunk posted

    I snowboard and I grew up in the real rocky mountains (not these midwest hills).

    Greg posted

    greg... if you give me your email address, i'll fill you in on the info.

    derek posted

    there really is only one "Greg" heh =)


    Greg posted

    Well, I SOAP and I snowboard, Im gonna be taking up aggro inline and you may catch me occasionally BMXing or Skateboarding with friends. I think thats if but I feel as though I'm forgetting something.

    aaron posted

    I have a scooter and do some ricks a sk8 and rollerblades but i am notgrinding with rollerblades i have something that you might be interested in , here in greece we call it Devil , its like two glaces for wisky and a rope .....well its difficult to explain , you may know it . Reply me ...!

    a_JIM_a posted

    THe most extreme sport is Mt. Bording, I do that!

    Corey Desrocher posted

    russian roulette is pretty extreme anyone do that?

    snickering menicingly

    p.s. if anything is spelt incorrectly i dont really care so dont bother mentioning it.

    Anthony posted

    I am into Soaping. I live in Fort Dodge, IA, home of the 100ft rail :P

    Kyrus Frost posted

    i do the normal teen stuff soap

    i also do some hardcore fishing

    along with some mean snowboarding

    and on occasion u may see me

    bmxing with Frits

    NIck THe one an posted

    skooter is was to gay to be a extreme sport.

    batman posted

    " target="_blank">goatse.cx/hello.jpg">


    I soap... nothing else... just soap... oh, and also what I do with my girlfriend... but we won't go there. :)

    Maltose posted

    i sorta soap, im not that good, and i inline skate and ride scooters, but i cant really do much

    Ashley posted

    i've been skatin for 5 yrs now

    verity posted

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