Father's Day Plus Seven

So since we were in Kansas City during Father's day, we sorta made it up last weekend, which worked out quite nicely with my sister being in town and all.

Friday, we went to my dad's for a family get together/baby worship service. It was a good time and definitely nice to see some friends/relatives. Dad's place is really starting to shape up too.

Saturday, we headed over to Kari's parents house with a pitstop in Sutliff to check out the flood damage. I'd heard the bridge was completely wiped out, but I never saw any photos online... so we had to stop and see how bad it was. Turns out that it's only half gone, which is still sad, but it was nice to see part of it still there. Plus, it was really nice to see that the bar is still standing and doing good business. I'm really interested to see what that bridge looks like once the water goes down. It's gotta be just laying on it's side in the dirt. I wonder if they'll try to restore it since it's on the National Registry of Historic Places. It might actually be pretty cool with the ruins laying in the dirt. But I'd sure like to walk across it again someday - hungover... with a tenderloin and PBR in hand.

So anyway... once we got to Cedar Rapids, I helped Jeff with some house stuff then we drove around downtown to check out the flood damage. It's amazing what happened to that town. There's so much damage, it's awful. The streets are filled with trash, people are wearing masks and white suits. Homes are going to be bulldozed. It's insane. I mean some of the water lines we saw on buildings were taller than I was. I can't imagine having my home completely destroyed without any sort of insurance help.

So after the tour of the downtown devastation we got dinner at Vino's. Great meal, great drinks, and funny stories, which were topped off by glasses of 40 year old port. Craziness. It's funny how things 14 years older than you can taste so damn good. I wonder if cougars are that way. Yuck, no I don't.

...I sorta do.

So after dinner, we had some fancy Soprano Boss Cigars and cognac.
Mmmmmm father's day.

Sutliff Flood Pics, Cedar Rapids Flood Pics, Father's Day Pics.

    written by 26 year old Derek Brooks

    WEll you and Kari could always swing with an oldies couple, then you could blog about it after, lol!

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