Iowa's New Hockey Team: The Iowa Chops

Are you kidding me? This name RULES. It's hilarious, true to Iowa, and... well it's the IOWA CHOPS, haha. How can you seriously not like that?

I'm already tired of all the groaners. How many times since they announced the name 18 hours ago have I heard "no wonder Iowa has a bad name" and "this doesn't represent Des Moines" or "why not the Iowa Hicks?"

They are called the Iowa Chops, not the Des Moines chops. What does Iowa do well? Farm and educate. We could've been the Iowa Schoolers I guess...

"it's a good name in the tradition of the brewers, packers, pistons, etc," said my friend MH. Great point.

So anyway, I'm obviously stoked.

Ticket prices are cheaper, The logo rules, the name is hilarious, and we're an Anaheim Ducks franchise. Who cares about the stars. The Ducks are badasses.

I think if people stop being groaners, this is a team Iowa could really get behind. Hell, we might actually hear cheering at the games...

Now where can I find a plain black shirt with that sweet, sweet logo?
i hate this article...i am proud to be a groaner about this stupid name

nick posted

You can find a shirt at the Chop Shop!

Barnabass Chriss posted

I'm happy to be a groaner. Iowa's top contributor to GNP is manufacturing. Our top exporting dollars comes from tractors. I don't care about the name as long as tickets and beer is cheap and people actually cheer.

Nathan posted

this name is funny, but that logo is scary.

tia posted

I love the logo.. nothing is cooler than a boar with plastic vampire teeth in? It would look much more fitting if it actually had some tusks...

games will hopefuly be fun

luke posted

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