January Stuffs

So I haven't really been writing much or posting pictures much in the past month. Nothing has really happened cause Kari and I have been too poor to do anything. Mostly I've been doing a ton of web dev, and figuring things out. Some of that has been super painful, some has been really nice. I'm excited to start a couple more projects and hopefully start generating more cashflow. I've got 4 pretty good invention ideas - I need to figure out how to afford patents on those. I hope soon I'm going to figure something awesome out. I feel close. Soooooon.

Last weekend we went to Cedar Rapids to hang out with Kari's family and to Mt Vernon to celebrate Lindsey's Birthday. It was fun - sushi, running around Mt Vernon, etc. Too bad most of my friends are gone. Ricky, Wingert, and Jurisic made it out though, which was cool.

So anyway, tonight Rico and I are starting to build the bookcase for my loft. It's going to be fun. I'm super stoked. Maybe I'll do another timelapse video...

Also, I think I'm just going to start a "January" album in the photo section because I've got tons of random photos from all the small events this month. I'll probably have that done whenever I put the wedding pictures up, haha. I suck.

Oh yeah, check out the Rebels Advocate site I just got done.

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oh yeah, i dropped a 14b turbo in my car too.

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Mr. Awesome already has 2 US Patents, and would like to inform/remind you that a patent is merely a right to sue. It does not prevent another company from using your idea. Furthermore, one needs a darn good IP attorney to write the patent in a manner that simple legalese can circumvent the patent.

So if you think your pockets are deep enough to legally go up against companies who habitually access new patents, and steal the ones issued to individuals and small companies who they feel cannot afford a 3+ year trial, all to you. Otherwise, Mr. Awesome recommends securing the backing of a company who would agree to protect one's IP, or use alternative methods than the USPTO.

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Regardless, Mr. Aweomse wishes you the most awesome luck. Just be careful, as dishonest companies have made it a business to steal patients submitted by individuals.

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i'm open to any and all input. i've researched the process a little, but am still a complete n00b.

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