Kevi, NIN, Going Out, and Garage Doors

The last week was pretty nice with a couple sort of crazy things. To start out, Kevi and Stacy split up on Monday which was like, "WHOA." Everyone's still sort of in shock it. So Kevi came over to hang out for a bit/get out of the house. Then I went out to play pool with Nathan/Chuck. Tuesday, Kari and I went out to 43 for "V-Day." It ruled - I ate a deer. Later we met up with some friends @ Star Bar.

Thursday, Zach and I went to NIN @ Wells Fargo Arena. Moving Units opened, which was this band that sounded like a mix between Kill Hannah and the Cure. I liked them. Then NIN came on - it was a flat out rock show. I mean, the first hour or so was all old, fast stuff, all loud. Toward the end they did stuff from their new CD. It was a high adrenaline show, I wish I woulda been on the floor so bad. At least we managed to sneak into club seating with Cedric and Maggie. <3. There were a lot of good effects in the show - some really nice video effects incorporated with giant netting and LED panels shaped like audio bars/jagged teeth. Plus the sound at Wells Fargo Arena is amazing. I couldn't believe how good it sounded. And lastly, Trent Reznor shaved his head and looked buff, wtf?

Friday Kari and I met up with Luke and Mindy at the Iowa Stars game. We lost pretty bad but there were some great whole-team fights, heh. I think Shawn Belle has become my favorite player on the team - super scrappy.

Saturday I worked on a SolidGrind redesign pretty much all day. Then, Kari and I went out for a pretty laid back night with Nathan to finish off the laid back day.

Sunday the stupidest thing happened ever, it is so embarrassing to admit stuff like this. I hate it. So, I backed kari's car out of the garage. Only, I didn't wait for the garage door to go all the way up for some reason. I crunched the door... knocked it right off the track. Kari just stood there in silence - which was good cause I was sooooo mad. omg, that sucked. So after I got the door back on, I worked on SolidGrind for the rest of the day and then met Nick/Nicole for drinks to celebrate his Bday.

written by 24 year old Derek Brooks


i think you stole my shawn belle comment! i remember saying the exact same thing at the game on friday nite...

kari posted

we talked about it at the game together. but i think your quote was "silly and feisty"

derek posted

it's true...

we split up. not sure why it's such a shock... the entire population of... earth... told me i should have done this years ago.

kevi posted

hey, if shawn belle were here, he would probably kick both of your asses...

nick posted

shutup nick, kari said it first.

derek posted

haha. Nice going with the garage door. It's a family thing. Dad ran right into the own at our old house. Then Ayla backed out of their garage ... but she didn't open the door AT ALL!!! She just tried to back out of the closed garage. haha!

Bre'anna posted

Damn, Kevi broke up a day before Valentine's Day? Sounds like you had a rough week. Good thing we are going to the cAb tonight...oh, wait, Nick is sick.

r00 posted

perfect timing just early enought that you didnt have to pay for a fancy meal for two and some flowers and chocolate and all that crap

anton posted

congrats by the way your free!

anton posted

Thursday you met up with me for lunch; after you arrived late to work and skipped out on a meeting.

Richard Ford posted

oh yeah, cant forget about that...

derek posted

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